Friday, April 25, 2014

Freeform Friday

Have You Dreamed Lately?

I have. A lot. A completely weird one last night. Ala Jason Statham in The Transporter. Bizarro.

Yesterday too, in this post.  Have you answered the question yet?

I've really enjoyed reading everyone's answers so far and I'd love to hear more. So please, add your two cents. OK, forget it. I don't need your two cents. It doesn't cost anything to dream. Still though, tell me what you'd do!

I'll add it to the list along with these that have been shared:

- restore an old house

- travel to new places

- open a brick and mortar store with my daughter

- learn a launguage

- take formal art classes

- buy a black 67 mint condition ford mustang

- go to Buenos Aires to learn the Tango

And if you blog, or tweet, or instagram and feel like joining in. Please do. Hashtag any comments/posts with #moneynoobjectnofear.  If you're not following me yet, get on board. It'll be fun.  I'm on twitter and instagram!

Right now, I'm dreaming of Spring which is doing it's best, but is up against colder than usual temperatures and crazy weather in general. There are signs of hope though..................

In other good news, check out this giveaway over on blogmilk. A total blog redesign package. I'm crossing my fingers and toes.  Especially since that was one of my answers to yesterday's post.

 Wishing you a sunny kind of day.

Freeform Friday

I found this by chance and thought it was pretty cool. Dueling cellos, play of all things, a little classic rock tune.........Where The Streets Have No Name. Check it out.

I'm afraid to say, the raking we wanted to do this weekend will probably have to wait as it appears April showers are on their way which kind of stinks, but gives us an excuse to do something else.
I am spending my weekend away from the computer, and that's really my only plan. What about you?

Ciao for now,


  1. I have vivid dreams almost every night! But not of people I know, always strangers and pretty weird situations too ;-)
    As to my personal dream...well, I'd love to own a piece of land and turn that into a sanctuary for abused animals...

    1. Hi Duni! Me too..........usually very vivid. Can usually remember them in the morning. G too. He has dreams as crazy as mine. Mine are usually a mix of people I know and strangers.

      What an awesome answer to 'what would you do'? I'm with you on that one. I follow Noah's Arks Animal Rescue and the woman that runs it does amazing things for absused doggies. I just don't understand the abuse and it makes me sad.

      Thanks for playing along!

  2. I've had lots of vivid dreams years ago, and bought a book explaining what they were supposed to mean. A purchase that was golden! Today we're having april showers too, lucky me I had a day planned that only involves doing things around the house. Those cellos are amazing, and I like the video with Tina Turner that comes right after. I wish I had legs like hers! Wishing you a fabulous sunday :-)

    1. Oh that Tina is something else! She totally rocks and those legs are legend!


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