Monday, March 3, 2014

Take A Walk With Us: A Return To Grandeur

Our Boston Hotel

So, here I am, a week later and I'm still sharing pictures of my overnight in Boston (post 1, post 2, post 3).  We packed a lot into a little more than a day.

Our hotel, the Marriott Courtyard on Tremont Street was in the midst of some renovations, that I think will be well worth while.

This historic 1925 hotel has lived 9 lives and then some since it was built, and Marriott was smart to recognize that restoring this beautiful building to its former grandeur would speak volumes. I mean, who can argue with the architectural detail of the era? Amazing.

The lobby was blocked off for the most part as they are working on the very beautiful ceiling fretwork.

Giving it a fresh coat of white is making all the difference. In areas where you could see the previous beige color, it was obvious that the brighter white was the way to go.

The floor of the hotel that holds common spaces and where breakfast is served, was nearly complete.  When you step out of the elevator you are greeted by the most charming showgirl, a picture that takes up a good part of the wall. I just love her.

The new rug is both subtle with a gray plaid design, and bold with a bright purple swirl design in the center, which draws your attention to a foyer table where funky sculptures mimic the swirls in the rug and highlight the purples in the showgirl picture.

Beautiful chandeliers, the bright new rug, and lamps and furniture that added a pop of color accented the most gorgeous arched hallway.

The charcoal color walls added to the drama.

The best thing about the hotel renovation was the mix of old and new.   This bank of phone booths was kept intact, so that people talking on their cell phones could step in for privacy.  A pretty good idea if you ask me. Why do people think just because they can talk on their cell phones in public places, that they should?

In side they had pictures of the hotel during its former lives and newspaper clippings of entertainers who had performed there in days past, including Tony Bennett (who I adore).

More glory of days gone by, this amazing letterbox, from when mailing a letter was an event.

I can't wait to see the hotel when it's done because the renovation looks great so far.  I'm so glad that things like the telephone booths, the arches, the mail-chute and the ceiling fretwork have survived.  You don't always see that level of detail today and I think it's something to be remembered and appreciated.

Had a great weekend with a little youtube singing and dancing with the neighborhoodlum guys on Friday night, the girls had other plans so I was flying solo with the men.  Saturday we were over to neighbors' for dinner.  Tourtierre, Canadian meat pie, was on the menu and I highly suggest you try making it (the pictures in the previous post are awful, but the toutierre recipe is divine).  We followed that up with a game of Pictionary which we hadn't played in about 20 years. The guys won. Bummer. We all won on the laughter front though. I laughed so hard at one point I had mascara running down my face.  Painful. We will be playing again, for sure.  Yesterday we stayed close to home. No Sunday drives as G is fighting a bit of a cold. So I worked at my desk, got new initial designs and branding boards complete for one of my clients who emailed me last night and made my day with this:

"I got them. You are so wonderful! Love the second one!" (which happened to be my favorite too).  It's the second logo design project I'm working on with this client from Raleigh, North Carolina, who has one business and is the midst of launching another.  Helping people brand their businesses for success can be an awful lot of fun!  

More of the  same is what is on my plate today. What's happening in your world? Did you do anything out of the ordinary this weekend or did you just keep it low-key?

Ciao for now,


  1. So beautiful!!! WOW and sounds like you had a great weekend:) Ours was low-key but fun. On Friday we celebrated our little niece's 2nd birthday. Happy Monday, darling.

    1. oh, I loved that hallway. So pretty. And I can only imagine it will be even more 'wow' when it's done.

      Glad you had a great weekend. Lowkey always works for me. Fun celebrating the little one's party, I'm sure!

      have a great week Diana

  2. I love the looks of the arches and ceiling, I'm not a big fan of modern architecture.! And pictionary is one of my favourite games (along with scrabble!), but I don't get to play it very often.

    1. so, so pretty.......and I loved the charcoal and the white that highlight the drama of the arches, never mind the chandeliers. We used to play pictionary a LOT when we first got married then our game when missing. It was a lot of fun to play it again and funny too. We love scrabble too, but when we just play one on one, we build the most awful boards with three letter words. I don't know whether we're trying to out strategize each other, or we just have that kind of luck of the draw with the letters!

  3. Love the old hotels in Boston! So much history and fun to explore!

    1. I know, and really, the courtyard marriott isn't especially 'fancy', but it is housed in such a pretty building. so glad they are renovating and highlighting its former glory! hope you're staying warm Kathy!


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