Monday, March 10, 2014

Take A Walk With Us: Or Perhaps A Drive Up The Coast

The Ocean Air

I am at my desk in my little office/studio a lot.  By a lot, I mean pretty much all day Mondays- Friday. At least one day most weekends, and sometimes both, too. The life of a one girl show.

This makes it necessary for me to sometimes high tail it away from the homestead, where my little office/studio is located. Get out and about. Take in the sunshine. Breathe in the ocean air. Luckily, it's only 6 miles from the house.

I wish these pictures captured the color that was the ocean yesterday. It was an amazing and stunning mix of blues and and greens.  Deep, saturated color.  It took my breath away. Ask G how many times I said, "I can not believe the color of the ocean" and he'll tell you at least 100. And he's probably right.

I also wish there wasn't some speck of dust stuck in my little lumix lens (my big camera's battery needed charging so I just took my little one with me). Ignore any blotches. And if you know any tricks for getting fuzz out of a camera lens, do tell.

For now, sit back and enjoy a little jaunt up our coast.

We had been keeping our eyes open for the snowy owls that have been making it's home near Rye Harbor.  As soon as we passed the harbor and turned the corner, there were cars lining the road and we knew there was an was owl nearby. They are such welcome visitors.

There it was. Sitting right on the ground in the marsh, having a little nap in the sun. Like the snowies we saw just south in Salisbury last month, this one could have cared less about all the people like myself making their way across the snowy marsh to get a picture. I was amazed at how close it let us all get.

Blending like a lump of melting snow, right?

They are just so damn cool.

Then we continued our way up 1A.

It was so clear, it seemed you could reach out and touch the Isles of Shoals, which are 6 miles off the New Hampshire coast.

G stopped here, a little bridge spot he has always liked.  The marsh looks frozen, but there was still plenty of water running under the bridge and back out to sea with the tide.

We made our way to Newcastle, and passed one of my favorite places, the Newcastle Commons.  Read: I pouted as he passed the turn. G redeemed himself when we got near the coastguard station and I said....'what's this little road? Maybe it gets us closer to the lighthouse?'. He took the turn and we found that it did indeed get us closer to Portsmouth Light and we still had a good view of Whaleback too.


The house at the end of the newly discovered road, had the most amazing chimney. Just look at that brickwork.

We continued north towards Portsmouth.

There were lots of people out and about, walking, running, taking their pooches out for much needed exercise. We still lucked out and found a parking spot right off the square.

I got out of the car and noticed I could see the sky straight through the window on the far wall of the church. 

As always, the North Church steeple, had quite a presence against the blue sky.

It was a perfect Sunday drive.

Beyond that we had a campfire with the neighbors on Friday night, followed by leftover antipasto that my sister brought over on Thursday night. When I was done working at my desk on Saturday, the neighbors got together again and we ordered some pie. I love it when the pizza man brings dinner to the door.  Yesterday, I treated G to lunch and we had leftover pizza for dinner. I did no cooking whatsoever this weekend, and I have to say, it was kind of nice having a break even though I love cooking.

Did you do anything exciting or did you stay close to home?

Have a great start to the week!

Ciao for now,


  1. Pam .. your photos were absolutely breath taking! Can only imagine how it felt to be there - with such beauty of nature to take in. As a one gal show here I can so relate to the need to physically remove ones self from the office/studio. Thank you for adding beauty to my tea break today..hugs, C. (HHL)

    1. Hi, a tea break. what a fantastic idea. I think I'll put the kettle on! oh, the ocean was truly breathtaking yesterday. if only the camera could have captured the true color. have a great week my dear!

  2. What a wonderful lump of snow! And I really like those houses, thanks for sharing these photo's and letting me tag along on your trip.

    1. isn't that owl crazy? I really couldn't believe it was just hanging out on the ground with people all around it. closest was probably 10 feet. i was about 15 and didn't go closer. i didn't want to be the one who scared it away! thanks for letting tag along on YOUR trip to amsterdam!

  3. As always, your photos are fantastic. I love the coast ride! Especially when you can start to feel spring in the air!

    1. Hi Kathy, it was such a pretty blue sky day. And the ocean was sparkling away. It was a very welcome 'nice' day.

  4. I feel so lucky getting to enjoy your ride up the awesome! And, that snowy owl ~ pure love!!
    Thanks for sharing your road trip with us!

    1. the snowy owls have been the one blessing the arctic cold temps have brought this year. so beautiful.

  5. I think M. Rugby and . Need to move to new Hampshire...just for a bit.

    1. *And I*, bloody phone autocorrelatio. :/

    2. And by that I mean auto correct...sigh


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