Thursday, March 20, 2014

Favorite Finds: Etsy Style

Fly By

Hi guys. Rocking and rolling on this end? Is it the change of seasons, the waning of the recent full moon? Or are people just ready to make things happen as the seasons change? I've spent all morning answering inquiries about logo designs, branding packages, packaging design and more. Whatever it is, it works for me.

Simply sharing some favorites etsy finds today.  Take a look and be sure to check out the shops because there is much more wonderful stuff store.  Honest.  Would I lie to you?

Are you a heavy metal fan? Then, for those about to rock, this awesome industrial box, is for you.

 Industrial Steel Box with Leather Strap Handle

source: gearrattx

Are stitches your thing?  Look at this gorgeous handsewn spread. Love.

 White on White in Twin

source: gypsya

Ah, so you like things that show a little wear and tear and tell a story.  This little vintage shelf is perfect.

source:  86home

OK, that's enough of the winter colors because in case you haven't is the first day of spring here! So long winter whites and grays. Hello sunshine and flowers.

Wouldn't it be grand to write down wishes and dreams and all your blessings in this charming notebook?

 Eco notebook with garden watercolor illustration

Wrap yourself in color. 

 Pink Scarf, scarf with lace edge, chunky scarves, summer spring flowers, women's fashion scarf
source: yarnisland

Mellow yellow? Hardly.

 Seaside Raincoat - Water Proof Rain Jacket Available in Yellow, Black, Gray, and Navy

Or perhaps a little bit of spring you can surely enjoy all year 'round?

Pink Tulips in Sunlight, Photo Print and Wall Art

Do you love the floppy habit of those tulips as much as me? So sweet. I'm hoping the next time I'm at the store, they have some tulips to join my daffodils. That would make me happy and it would really feel like spring.

The birds are singing here and could care less about the snow on the ground and the overnight and morning rain (trust me, we really don't need it with the forthcoming snow melt).  They're announcing spring and that the sun is finally out.

What's your favorite thing you're looking forward to for spring, or if you're in the southern hemisphere, what makes you happy about autumn?

Do tell.

Make it a great day, it's a great day to have.

Ciao for now,



  1. You have such a great eye Pam! I love that metal box and stitched spread. SO much! Fantastic collection. Now I go need to hide my wallet!

    1. hhhmmm, sounds like someone I know....oh yeah, bonseye~! ;)

  2. Love your positivity! I'm looking to many mornings spent sipping coffee on my balcony! In love with that illustrated notebook.

    1. ah yes, one of my spring rituals..............the first cuppa tea outside on the back stoop! forgot about that. what a great thing to look foward too.

  3. wow. i love all of them. where do you find them...or rather HOW. So much to wade through on etsy!

    1. I just take hints well.....see things people I follow have pinned and sometimes I troll through favorites of people I follow or shops I love. somethimes I hit the 'newly listed' on the front page and keep going pages back just to find new shops!

  4. Thanks for the lovely recommendations! Great stuff! I really need to remember to plant some tulips and daffodils this fall. I always forget.

    1. Me too! I never remember to plant bulbs and I wish I did! we had tulips here when we moved in, but over the years the critters have pretty much taken care of them. I think I had one bloom last year. Not a great year. Can't fix it if I don't plant them in the fall though!


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