Monday, March 31, 2014

Etsy Favorite Finds: Opposite Ends of The Spectrum

Neutral Vs. Color

I've said it before, and I'll surely say it again. There is a lot to love on etsy.  Since I have a shop on etsy, I'm on there a good amount of time every day and it's easy to find things that should be added to my favorites

When I have a few minutes (ha!), or when I feel like I need a little break from creating and could use a bit of inspiration, I like to put a treasury together to help other etsy shop owners get noticed. I think of etsy treasuries as curated collections of products.

Last week, I stole away enough time to put two treasuries together.  Two completely different treasuries.  There doesn't have to be any rhyme or reason to making a treasury, and that's one of the fun things about it.  It's plain fun to collect your etsy favorite finds in one place.

First, I created 'whitewash'. Yes, it's all about whites and neutrals.

To take a look at the treasury 'live' so to speak, go here. You'll also be able to visit all the wonderful shops by clicking on the pictures once you've reached the treasury.

The same goes for my more colorful treasury creation, 'let's go', which you can see live here.

If you get a chance, check them out and the shops that are featured. It's a fun way to discover new things to love. You might even find something you just have to have.

Just some of what's been tickling my fancy on etsy lately.  What about you? Do you shop on etsy? Just browse?  What's been calling your name of late? Neutrals? Pops of color? Both?

The weekend was pretty mellow, as predicted. Some crossword puzzles, a couple of games that the Bruins won (woohoo!), and we even got a campfire in on Saturday before it started to rain too hard and we had to sound the retreat. We ended up having a dueling campfire with neighborhoodlum Gerry, so we eventually gave up on ours and went two doors down to enjoy his. Then it started lashing out and we all called it a day. Damn rain. 

Hope you're ready for a fantastic week. It's Monday and it's all ahead of us at this point.
Today, there is a lot guessed work on my plate.  Pulling some branding boards together for designs I've just completed, as well as collateral revisions for another couple of clients.  Oh, and a client interview to go over their creative brief questionnaire answers and get to know what they're looking for in a logo design a little bit better. Busy, busy. A good way to start things off with a bang.  

That's it here. What's hot for you this week?

Ciao for now,




  1. i'm sure etsy is my most visited site. this post really speaks to me in terms of style because i can never decide what aesthetic i love more when shopping, huge bursts of color or softer tones. both are so amazing!

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  3. I haven't shopped for a while on Etsy, the last thing I've snatched up was a vintage rollerskate brooch as a gift for my mom. But I might treat myself to a little something soon!

    1. oh that brooch sounds so sweet! maybe it IS time to treat yourself to something, just like I did recently ;)

  4. My bloglovin' suddently stopped sending me email to let me know when all my blogiverse friends had put up new posts!! (and then I kinda got busy with 16hr plus work days...ahem) but these are most lovely treasuries, I'm off to look at them on Etsy!

    1. oh my, you sound like me with those work days. but I just watched a video on Marie TV with arianna huffington who said, it took a health scare to wake her up to the importance of getting enough sleep. we can't go go go all the time, or we simply burn out. glad to see you got out and about with your net this past week!

  5. Both boards are simply stunning and I adore those earrings in the first set so much + that tote would be perfect for spring. Yes, I love shopping on etsy as well :) Wish you an amazing day, lovely and talk to you soon. xoxo

    1. Diana, LOVE those earrings as well. so simple, clean and classic. i admit, I also LOVE those toy teacups in awesome colors. so much fun. ah spring, it actually feels like spring might just be in the air today. fingers crossed it stays that way!


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