Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What Inspires You Wednesday

Other Artists

Today, some inspiration from other artists................

Beautiful woodcuts from Bryn Perott/DeerBrain.. Wow.

Bryn Perrott
Bryn Perrott 

The amazing mosaic and beadwork by Heidi Kummli



Paintings by Manabu.


Recycled Drawers Set with Original Handmade Painting & Photo Transfer on Canvas 

 Photography by Steph Mel. Dreamy.



What's inspiring you today?

It's so damn cold this winter. It just won't give us a break. Luckily the fire is going. Everyone is getting ready for the next storm, coming in overnight. Looks like we'll get another good bit of snow. I'll take that over the arctic air anytime, as long as we don't get the ice!

Today I'm in design revision mode. What's happening in your corner of the world?

Ciao for now,



  1. Everything is gorgeous but the woodcuts are simply amazing! My inspiration today is an old song that I'm embroidering on cotton for a quilt--a woman's words,as she watches her husband go into battle.

  2. that last photo is amazing...that's where I would like to be, in the woods surrounded by green grass, not white snow. lol

  3. Those woodcuts look amazing! I love all the details that are in it, like the carrots.

  4. Oh boy, those paintings are incredibly stunning. Stay cozy and warm, dear. xoxo

  5. Glad I read these last 3 posts of yours...because I am in a funk..and haven't been inspired at all. The 3 posts have helped.
    Really liked the logo design process posts.


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