Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Take A Walk With Us: The Calm Before The Storm

Taking In The Sun

This morning there were gray skies to the east, but when I turned to the west.........blue skies trying their hardest to take over.  The succeeded. So, knowing the forecast calls for snow starting overnight and about 8-10 inches to come (we'll see when it's said and done), the Lucan and I took to the field.

The flowers have long since been dead, but I still find them quite beautiful.
I love seeing how they're built so to speak.

There is always something, be it a leaf or a berry or a hanging branch, that hangs on for dear life.

Nothing like a bit of fresh air and nature to clear your head and ready you for the day.

Have you had a chance to get out where you are, or is the weather making it difficult?  I am loving the sun today and may have to steal away later for another quick walk.

Ciao for now,


  1. We have more snow on the way, too. I am OVER IT. We just got 6" over the weekend and it hasn't been warm enough for any of that to melt. Le sigh.

  2. 8-10"....wow! It's really still going!? Would love to get outside and take a walk right now, maybe I'll do that later!

    1. poor NYC, they keep getting hit. they got more yesterday. not sure where the one we're supposed to get is coming from, but the last storm missed our area and we only got a dusting unlike the storm before. I figure, if it's winter, it might as well snow!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Thank you for taking your readers on this walk with you, it was lovely!


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