Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Design Trends: Let A Little Sunshine In

Mellow (or not so mellow) Yellow

How's it going today peeps? Ah, speaking of peeps (yeah, you know the ones I'm talking about), after yesterday's post of sunshine in Winter and with today's impending snow storm, I needed just a wee bit more. More sunshiny yellow happiness.

Today, we're not leaving it outside because it's just too damn cold. We're bringing it inside with  interiors infused with some of that sunshiny happiness. 

I can be partial to a pop of yellow, or maybe even a little more than a pop. Our living room was three different shades of yellow before the last re-do and I quite liked it.  Some people love it, some people hate it (you know who you are).  For the haters, I say....are you sure? Perhaps you just haven't found the right yellow or the right way to incorporate it so it suits you better. How can you hate a color that exudes such happiness?

Have a look at these ways to let a little sunshine into your life.

1. dresser via martha stewart
2. yellow stools at the butcher's daughter via  petite passport
3. etarger via farmhouse 38
4. yellow chandelier via the french bedroom
5. wall art via  Bates Mercantile Co.
6. mirror via horchow

Here's the thing about color that I am faced with every single day as a designer: there are so many shades in each color family.

The possibilities are endless.

So tell me, are you a yellow lover or hater (it's ok, I won't hold it against you.....differences are what make the world go 'round)? Would you incorporate any of these pops of yellow into your interior, and if you would....how?

Today I'm at my desk crossing completed projects off the board (yahoo! I love that), revising a logo  and working on initial design for another client.  Busy as a bee..............

Oh yeah, I'm also keeping the home-fire burning to fend off the cold and keep the hound warm in his spot on the futon.  The snow has just begun to fall here. It is sure to make everything pretty and new again.

What's happening in your world today?

Ciao for now,


  1. I am totally craving a dash of sunshine in my flat. I love yellow pops of colour and that mirror totally tickles my fancy. Have a cozy day, darling. xo

    1. Hi Diana, I love pops too..........I scored this awesome round bright yellow vintage tray at salvation army and it sits leaning up against my backsplash in the kitchen. LOVE it!

  2. Love this sunshiny collection, Pam!

    Cold as ever over here in Canada-land. We're watching the Olympics, making soup, keeping warm!

    Yes I'm a yellow-luvr. I especially love the mustard shade. I have two mustard cardigans and a pair of mustard moccasins which, strangely, go with everything!

    1. Hey Melissa..............funny, I just made soup for lunch! great minds think alike. I've been watching all I can of the olympics too. I LOVE the winter olympics, these athletes do things I'd never have the guts to do..........like the aerial ski jumping? no! way! I used to have a couple of mustard yellow tops but I think they're long gone.......but they DID go with everything. Who knew?

  3. hubby's favorite color is yellow. especially in the kitchen. needless to say, we have had several yellow kitchens....:0)

  4. My kitchen walls are deep yellow with orange ceramic floor and red curtains. Can't say that I have any yellow 'pops' though.
    I am making a 'thank you' card for a neighbour who cleans my driveway of snow. I am making an Iris Paper Folded design (which I just learned from the internet last week!). I wanted a yellow background but my yellow card stock is too small. So I will use green with yellow card stock on the inside.

  5. Yellow wasn't my favourite colour, but I do like it when it's teamed up with greys and whites. And those stools rock!

  6. This put a huge smile on my face. How fun is that yellow shelf in the bathroom? I want to go paint something now...


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