Thursday, February 6, 2014

Design Trends: A House of Your Own

Small = Big

I've been lovin' on this home decor trend for awhile now. Sweet little houses in every shape and made out of a multitude of materials: wood, concrete, porcelain, paper, plastic, glass. 

Some are functional, some just a sweet home accessory. Either way, you're sure to find one you can call home.

1. house set shelves via bloomingville

2. home print via my shop bates mercantile co.

3. house shelf via das rote paket

4. ombre house banks via ferm living

5. votive holders via simone ceramics

6. wooden houses via Jolicoeuretcie

Are you as smitten with this design trend as me? There is something about the small size that makes them instantly charming. 

In other house news, I'm currently working on a logo design for a client that incorporates a little house.

I also think that there is just something about a little house that evokes a sentimental feeling about all that the word 'home' encompasses. As the world seems to still be in a fairly unsettled pattern, it's these touches and decor trends incorporated into our own homes that make us feel a little more safe, secure, a little warm and fuzzy, and just plain good.

I must get busy in the design studio. Enjoy the day!

Ciao for now,


  1. How funny that you're writing about this today! I just saw this little guy on Etsy a few days ago and I'm SMITTEN:

  2. I adore those decorative little houses, Pam!
    I wish I had more space to display stuff, but our place is packed...mostly with my fabrics ;-)

    1. they're just so sweet. Oh I bet you have stacks and stacks of beautiful fabrics Duni- at least our home is filled with pretty, happy patterns!

  3. That lamp in the first photo is super lovely, just like the candle holders. I recently got some sort of vintage letterdrawer in the shape of a house :-)

    1. I pretty. Looks nearly like rose gold, because it's not a real deep copper


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