Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Take A Walk With Us: Almost Spring Like

Melting Ice And Snow

As it often does, nature is inspiring me today. It just plain makes me feel good to get out into nature.

Though there was frost this morning, it's quickly been warming up.  Just the oddest temperature swings this winter.  Highs and lows like you can't imagine. There may be snow in the forecast this weekend, but this morning my walking partner Lucan and I got out for a stretch of the legs.

The 'January Thaw' was apparent as we stepped out the door- to the left the rose bush......... the right, the holly.

Then we were off the field.


I'm thinking we may have to take a little jaunt later.

The weather alone makes me feel like I can tackle all that I need to today. Does the weather have that kind of effect on you? That and the fact that I got one design project done yesterday, I didn't have to cook dinner (G did) which was good because I was at my desk late, and all of your nice comments.

Have you gotten out even for a short walk lately? City or country? Did your mind feel clearer afterwards? Mine sure does.

We may have to take another short walk later, but for now I am inspired to get creating. Starting a fun logo design project today. I know it will make me smile because it is going to incorporate a pooch! 

Oh, one more thing............what's inspiring you today?

Onto the tasks at hand mes amis. 

Ciao for now,


  1. Comment got swallowed.. Lame, but I'm inspired by house decorating shows at the moment. Just want to play interior designer. Ha


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