Monday, January 13, 2014

From The Desk Of: Pamela J. Bates

Premade Logo Design

Hi guys. Flyby today. The studio is rockin' and rolling.  In the midst of it all, I created a new premade logo design.

If you've never heard of premade logo design, it is a budget-friendly way to brand your business professionally.  Premades are customized with a business name and there are options (like changes in fonts and colors) to customize them even further.

Here's the latest in the Bates Mercantile Co. shop.

I created this design completely in Illustrator, drawing the mountains and the rest with my mouse. Yes, you read right, my mouse. I do have a pen, but I'm so used to designing with the mouse that it seems to be what I use most often.

If you interested in this logo you will find it here.

Looking for a different style? Check out these.  

Or are you really serious about branding your business and considering a custom design? Here are some options.

The wind finally died down here, thankfully and the sun is shining and if you can believe, we're having another near-50F day.  Weirdest winter temperature swings I ever remember. 

What's happening in your world?

Ciao for now,


  1. Nothing special happening over here, but I am very happy weather-wise! Still no snow, and the temperatures aren't that bad. I like that photo behind the logo, and I love the peacock print in your shop!

    1. the sun is gone today :( but temps are still supposed to warm. the snow has mosly melted away, for now (think there is some on the way this weekend). the photo is on of my shots from 'sunset meadows', the field across the street. we have the most awesome sunsets on a regular basis. so lucky to live here. have a great day marieken!~

  2. Replies
    1. you're so sweet. I really had fun 'drawing' this one with the mouse. ;)


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