Friday, January 3, 2014

Freeform Friday

Clean Up & Catch Up

Winter Storm Hercules (yes, winter storms are now named) is just about out of here. Timing wise, it was a long storm, starting late Wednesday night and just finishing up about an hour ago. Well, the snow anyways. The problem with this particular storm is the bitter cold. Even the weatherman said he couldn't remember a storm with such cold temperatures bringing so much snow.

I'd say we ended up with about 12 inches of snow. Just below us in Massachusetts, about 25 minutes down the road a small bulls eye area got nearly 2 feet!

Lucky for us on snow days like this, neighborhoodlum Tom digs us out with his tractor. Thank you Tom. Though this snow is light and fluffy as opposed to other storms that are heavy and wet, there is still a lot of snow, as you can see out the back door. 

Gar supervised Tom's tractor snow-clearing skills.

He has since moved on........... to raking the roof. Can you take it? Yup. We have to rake our roofs in these parts.

It is currently a balmy 5F, though tonight is supposed to be absolutely frigid (as if 5 wasn't cold enough) and temps are supposed to drop into the -10 to -24 range.  Can you said wood stove?

Inside at my desk I have mega amounts of logo work to be done....premade customizations, custom revisions, custom designs. The plate continues to be utterly full and I am thankful.

I am also gathering information on goal setting and planning. As I mentioned to you before, I don't want to just 'resolve' to do things this year. I want to map out solid plans, with actionable steps to get me to my goals.  I'll be sharing what I find with you so you can do the same should you be so inclined.

Great Feedback

Response to the first edition of the muse continues to roll in and I must say, as my pal Cari-Jane suggested- I might just be well chuffed about it.

Here's what some have said:

"Fantastic!", M.E.B.

"I LOVED it!!!!!!", D.S.

"Wow...beyond impressed, Pam....truly beautiful!!" K.C.

"I love it too! The photography is just stunning! You make me LIKE the snow and winter!" D.P.H.

"Beautiful!", M.G.

"So pretty!", J.S.G.

"Love The Muse. Photo subjects and arrangements held my eye end to end; they are crisp and support the narrative nicely. I really liked how you respect your sponsors with their subtle placement here and there. I especially enjoyed the biographical narratives. Nice story telling and mix of service and product. CONGRATULATIONS!", R.D.

On top of all these extremely thoughtful accolades, the numbers thus far exceed my expectations.

Impressions: 252,497

Over Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand people have been introduced to the muse!

Reads:  1,172

Nearly twelve hundred people have taken the time to read the muse cover to cover!

What's even better? These numbers continue to grow day by day. It's a snowball effect.

Part of the goal planning I'm in the midst of includes the next issue of the muse. This time I'm giving myself a more lead-time to get things done and I plan on publishing at the end of March with a Spring issue.  I'm so glad I finally took the plunge and published the first issue and I'm very much looking forward to the next. I hope you are too.

If you haven't seen it yet, here it is:

Freeform Friday 

Ah, the weather. Always a topic of conversation no matter where you live.  New Englanders are a funny bunch. We like to complain about the cold, the heat, mud season, black fly season, snowfall, rainfall, the wicked wind, but also wear surviving all that like a badge of honor.  You may be enjoying the 70s and sun (right Sam?) while we're in the midst of a deep freeze, or vice versa.    Here's one about the weather for my friend Andrea, who's down under and in the midst of Summer.  It's a funny world we live in.

No plans for tonight other than hunkering down by the woodstove, for obvious reasons.
Perhaps a youtube Friday night is in our future.

Make it a great Friday!

Ciao for now,


  1. wow, that's a lot of snow! and it's all yours. :-)

  2. Hey, I love the blog redesign- it looks so great and is completely in sync with the magazine. (Sorry if it's been changed for awhile- I am slow to get around the blogs nowadays!) We didn't get quite as much snow as that- maybe 6-8 inches- but we are getting the deep freeze now. Stay warm, and congrats on the full plate! (I'll send up a popover to keep it that way.)


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