Monday, November 18, 2013

Take A Walk With Us

A Good Stretch of The Legs

Hey gang. How was your weekend? Ours was good. Low key. A little youtubing Friday night, Saturday I finished up the closet cleaning/winter clothes in/summer clothes to the attic, topped the day of attending our niece's birthday party in Dublin via Skype, and yesterday we just worked around the house and I got caught up on my Blogging You Way homework.  Then enjoyed cocktail hour at my parents to celebrate my sister Dianne's birthday.

I also fit a couple of walks in there. Saturday was glorious. I'd say it was around 60ish, so walk was a must. Yesterday, woke to fog, but that didn't stop us.

There was not only fog yesterday morning, but with that came the turkeys. Like a gang of marauders in the neighborhood. They have been very active the last couple of weeks. I caught a couple who were lagging behind the rest of the gang at the top of the field.  Heads down and pecking away.

When Lucan and I went over to the field for a walk later, he was too busy sniffing around to even notice the Winnicutt Road Gang at the bottom of the hill.  A bunch had already made it into the woods and the others were quietly (not always how it is with turkeys) following their lead.

Busy birds.

What about you? Busy weekend? Low key and relaxing? Special event? Nothing special? 

How'd you spend your time?

Like the birds, I've a busy week on tap that involves a ton of design work.  I'll be sharing the fun projects I'm working on as I make progress. Lots of logo design work for customers from Ontario to L.A.

Hope you have a great Monday. The rain is coming in here now and we're supposed to have a morning windstorm so I'm up early posting this.  We'll see how all that shakes out considering the destruction this storm caused coming across the country. We've been assured that it has weakened, and quite frankly, that suits me just fine.

Ciao for now,

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