Monday, October 7, 2013

Pin Worthy

In Need of Color

Currently, it's a gray rainy day. Though it does look like the sun is trying to make the slightest go of it. Not sure if it will be successful or not, but sure would be nice. 

In case it doesn't though, I thought I'd offer up a little color explosion via some of my pinterest pins. Just to give my day a necessary infusion of color to push the grays away.



I feel better about the rain already.

Yoga update:

So, I have finished week 2. I met and exceeded my goal of 5 days with yoga practice. I didn't get practice in on Monday because it was a very busy day. I was not happy (this is a good sign) about that.  This meant I had to fit a practice in on my weekend, which is fine, but I'd rather know I met my goal before heading into the weekend. Well, in all honesty, it didn't matter. I wanted to take time with my mat on Saturday and did. I also wanted to practice Sunday too, so I did. Progress, not perfection. I did well focusing on my form and listening to my body and not pushing too hard. I had a couple of practices where it was hard to quiet my mind, which if you've never done yoga, is essential or you'll just topple right over.  I was able to get a handle on the mind jabbering and ended the week quite happy with where I am after two short weeks. It feels great to be back on my mat.  

I found this video on pinterest last night and was completely amazed at this woman doing yoga. I can't even imagine ever being good enough to do even half of what she does. All I can say is I am gobsmacked. What the human body has the ability to do, is really quite mind blowing and beautiful. 

She is really something. She is my inspiration for the week. Be forewarned she's only wearing bra and undies.   Click here if you're reading via email.

My goal for the week is to practice 5 days.  To practice at the start of the day, if at all possible. And again, work on form and mental focus since that was a challenge last week. I also need to drink way more water.

How are you doing on the 'be good to yourself' front?

Ciao for now,

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  1. I love these splashes of color! The perfect way to brighten up a great day!
    I have started and stopped yoga so many times, I'd really love to start back up and stick with it. Those women are so inspiring.


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