Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fly By

Where I Spent My Morning

I was lucky enough to spend my morning with two beautiful women that I love. My sister from another Mrs, my sister-in-law Kelly, and her mom Judy.  I visited them at their gorgeous shop, Backyard Birds and Garden Frills at Bell Farm Antiques on Route 1 in York, ME.

I'm going to be helping them on some marketing and I met with them to go over plans and to take pictures.  Lots of pictures. 

Not only did I spend the morning with Kelly, Judy and their retail assistant Judy, as well as a bevy of customers (the place was hopping!), I also got some facetime with these guys....

and these guys.............

Then I was sent on my way with this message:

Much to do. I will share many more pictures with you in my next Let's Shop Here post.

Have a great day and remember, choose happy.

Ciao for now,


  1. So going to use that "choose happy" slogan. Thanks for the inspiration. And yay for York, such a lovely little town. :)

  2. That place looks great! I love those birds so much. Eventually, I will get around to making something of our yard and garden, and adding a few friends here and there. I know garden gnomes, birdhouses, etc. get a bad rap, but I think they just make a garden feel cozy and happy. What could be wrong with that? :)


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