Thursday, October 31, 2013

BOO: Halloween Party Recap

 Happy Halloween

Last Saturday was the annual Halloween party at next door neighbor Lauren & Jay's barn. This party rocks for a few of reasons.

#1. we have the best neighbors
#2. the party is 20 steps from our house
#3. it's in a barn
#4. everyone dresses up
#5. there is a dj

I get more laughs at this party. Just watching people dressed up in different costumes talk to each other, often very seriously? Really?

Hey, which came first? The Pope or the Egg? That's hostess Lauren sunny side up, husband Jay as a slice of bacon. 

There is always one really hysterical costume. This year, it was a guy dressed up as photo booth. You heard me right. A photo booth.

Love G cracking up at him.

Neighborhoodlum Joanie's 'instagram selfie' gave me a good chuckle too.

G and I went as Bonnie and Clyde. Neighbor-in-law Carol wears those hysterical cheeks every year with a different costume. How can you not laugh at those?

And then, there's Photo Booth Guy again. I can't get enough of him.  He had a Polaroid around his neck in there and it had film!

Loved Sushi Girl.  Get a load of that one, made out of an egg shell mattress pad. People are so creative.

And then, it turns into an all out dance party.

Too much fun topped with Pumpkin Ale.  What a great way to celebrate Halloween.  Thanks for a great time guys.

I woke this morning to fog and the sunset meadows covered with ravens. Can't say I've ever seen so many before. They were all over the place.

Of course, it does have something to do with the fact that on top of it being Halloween, it's also garbage day. They've been mauling the garbage from the neighborhood across the street and I keep going out and screaming like a crazy woman to shoo them away. They've made a bloody mess.

Tonight I'll be off to my sister's house in Hampton to have a Halloween cosmo, enjoy neighbor Dan's seasoned pumpkins seeds, and give out candy to the kiddos. Love seeing all the costumes.  Do you have any big plans?

Happy Halloween from Bonnie & Clyde.

Ciao for now,

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