Thursday, October 24, 2013

10 Earthshattering Things You Didn't Know You Needed To Know

If You're Writing A Biography About Me, That Is

Did I get you with that title? Good. I hope you'll play along. I'm going to share 10 things about me that will leave you absolutely flabbergasted.

Or not.

Either way, feel free to share a few random things about yourself. Don't leave me out here all on my own people!

1. I hated Wuthering Heights. Is that too strong? OK, I despised it. Don't get me wrong. Catherine and Heathcliff were just perfect for each other, in that 'I'm really annoying', 'You're really annoying', 'we're meant for each other kind of way'.  Acutally, more like they deserved each other.  I tried and tried to finish the book, but I finally gave up 3/4 of the way through and decided to stop torturing myself. 

2. I've never been West of Lakewood, Florida.  I was going to say Effort, Pennsylvania, but when I looked on a map, Floria was further West. Go figure.

3. I can't whistle worth beans. Oh sure, I whistle, and I can imitate the birds and they like it, but everyone without feathers thinks it's the lamest whistle they've ever heard. Well, unless they've heard my friend Charlie whistle.  Then I am redeemed.

4. I was a film major in college with a broadcasting minor. I had to write a film script for my senior thesis.

5. I was a cheerleader in high school.

6. I can't do a cartwheel. I know, I know..........a cheerleader who can't do a cartwheel? That's me.  I could do an awesome split though (and boy did I work hard to be able to do that).

7. We had a cat named Dynamite growing up. I think it was a Jimmy Walker/Good Times 'dyn-O-mite' reference. He was a great cat.

8. I was a punk rock chick in college, and should have bought stock in Final Net because I was more than likely their best customer. My hair had serious height. I also had a tail for awhile.  Not on my butt, on my head. You guys are crazy!

9. One of my favorite songs to sing in the car is, 'That's Life', right along with Frankie. I don't care who hears me, I belt it out and always feel better immediately.

10. I like making lists on yellow legal pads. Not on anything else. Just yellow legal pads.

Of course, you may have known some of this. I can't remember what I've told you before. Don't hate me for that.

And what about you? Gonna play along?

Beautiful day here. Brisk as all get out, but beautiful.

Ciao for now,


  1. Lots of fun to read! I'd say it's been an eventful, quirky life so far!

    1. this is a certainty. very eventful, quirky, fun life so far. it's all good, right?

  2. I'm going to evening thing for the day I think. Meanwhile I want to see photos of bothe cheer leading and the hair


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