Thursday, September 12, 2013

NYC: Details Part 1

Look Closer

I love taking it slow and looking a little closer. If you don't, you miss some incredible things.

St. Paul's Chapel Pulpit

St. Paul's Chapel Chandelier

Angel on headstone in St. Paul's Churchyard

Concrete alcoves on side of building near ground zero

Winged god on front of building near ground zero

Carved arch with pheasants and cherubs

Amazing brass entryway on art deco building next to Freedom Tower

Bird carving on the facade of the same building

There is so much to take note of, and when you do, it forces you to slow down....and this is a good thing.

I went to the 9/11 services in my hometown of Hampton last night. Each year our Legion carves the names of fallen soldiers from our state who have died in the War On Terror on a memorial it established.  Last year there were no new names. What a blessing. Unfortunately, last night, five new names were unveiled. The families of the fallen are present, the Governor speaks, the anthem is sung, a wreath is laid at the memorial, the Governor talks with the's an emotional event.  I hope and pray next year, that there are no fallen from our state (or any other) and that no new names are added.

We watched a program on The History Channel last night. I've seen it before, but it's worth watching every 9/11. It is a compilation of video footage shot from mostly amateurs, people who just happened to be in the midst of the tragedy. Very powerful and heartbreaking, but better to remember than forget.

Live each day to the fullest.

Ciao for now,


  1. Your pictures are super--I couldn't agree more that this kind of picture taking is a powerful way to get us to slow down and pay attention.

    1. little reminders to slow down Kerry....we could proably use more of them.


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