Monday, September 9, 2013

In A New York Minute

Quick and Full

Our trip to NYC was over in the blink of an eye and packed with people and places we love.

I'll share it more in depth over the course of this week, but here's a synopsis of what we did.

We did get to sit and talk around my Godmother's kitchen table before we headed all the way downtown on Thursday. We stayed in the Seaport/Financial district two blocks away from our friend's Irish Pub. We were welcomed like's like Cheers....where everybody knows your name. There are some serious characters at TJ Byrne's.

On Friday, we hoofed it about the city.

We walked to Freedom Tower and Saint Paul's on Friday. What a glorious day. Not a cloud.  I'll share those pics with you on Wednesday.

From there up to Washington Square Park. Never disappoints. People playing chess, sunbathing, people watching and always great musicians.

Over to Mulberry Street where we enjoyed lunch across the street from where my Grampy Cocciardi was born.

Back downtown to the Seaport.

Explored a new park right on the water where we are definitely having a picnic some day.

Then we took a really great happy hour boat ride on the Zephyr. An hour and a half of sunset heavenly views of the city.  Up the East River a ways...............

...then back down and around the tip .............up to the Empire State...

....back down to the tip (that's Freedom Tower on the right)....

.....and a quick visit with my lady friend. The evening could not have been nicer. Yes, I was teary eyed at Lady Liberty and it was one of the best boat rides ever (check that off the Summer to do list).

Saturday we headed out of the city and up to Yonkers where my parent's were born. It was time to celebrate my Aunt Joan and Uncle Bobby's (my mother's baby brother) 50th Anniversary!!!  We are fuzzy because everyone who tried had trouble operating my camera to get a pic Gar and I with the guests of honor!

Visited with cousins and aunts and uncles we don't get to see nearly enough of which is always fun.  

We were lucky enough to fit in another visit with the Anniversary couple in the morning before we headed to see my Godmother again.  We lucked out and were able to be the surprise guests at her Granddaughter's First Birthday party. So I got to see my other set of cousins.

Lots of reminiscing, hugging, kissing, love and a LOT of laughter this weekend.  I'll bring you along for a more in depth visit to NYC - just wanted to give you a teaser.  Great time and wish it didn't have to end.

However..........reality calls.

Ciao for now,

 PS- man o man do  I need to pull my yoga mat and walking shoes out..........or dancing shoes. Anybody else?

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