Saturday, August 31, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow

Better Late Than Never

We were very late in getting our garden planted this year. So we figured, whatever happens....happens.

I'm happy to report, some things are happening.

Tonight we will be enjoying some fresh beans from the garden.

Arent' they gorgeous?

The tomatoes are giving it their all. They just need a little more time for turning red. But if you're like Fried Green Tomatoes..........that we can do.

What I'm really excited about are these...........

acorn squash

and butternut

I'm not sure we've ever really had success with winter squash. I'm happy to report that there are multiple squash on all the plants. So cool.

Gray day here today. Seems to have been a little rain overnight which we can use.  I'm off to run errands then back to my desk to work on multiple projects.  No rest for the weary.

Tomorrow, the annual labor day cookout at Tom and Joan's across the street. I think I'll make my cheesey spinach dip because it was such a hit with Tom last weekend at fellow neighborhoodlum Gerry's birthday party.  It's easy peasy and there is never anything left. I'll have to get some pics so I can share the recipe with you. You'll love it.

Other than that, just enjoying the last weekend of August.

Enjoy the day.

Ciao for now,

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  1. Look at your garden!! I love seeing fresh vegetables in gardens. It seems so magically that you can grow your own food. I know that it so strange considering that is the most natural thing.

    One of these I'll have my own garden and hopefully a strawberry patch.


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