Thursday, August 1, 2013

Feed Your Soul: Safe Harbor

A Little Piece of Our Coast

Our coastline is short  at a mere 19 miles, but it's beautiful none the less. One of my go to spots is Rye Harbor. It's a small harbor filled with working fishing vessels and pleasure boats.

We took a ride up the coast with our visitors on their last day here last Friday andrechardged our souls. They loved the harbor as much as I do. We stopped for awhile, the kids threw stones, we tried to teach them how to skip stones (I'm way out of practice and only got two skips, our brother in law Theo was doing good until Gar won the contest with 7 or 8 skips), the kids walked out a bit on the jetty, and of course we took pictures. It is a pretty harbor after all.

It's funny, but when that was the only heart rock I came across at Rye Harbor. Fort Foster is apparently the jackpot spot.

Sometimes it doesn't take much or long to feed your soul. Just a quick break, in the perfect place.

Have you fed your soul lately?

Have a great day. It's a great day to have.

Ciao for now,


  1. beautiful photos...
    I feed my soul today by surprising my daughter with a new MP3 player....just because. She was so excited she could have wet herself. lol

  2. Gorgeous post - love that first image so much!

  3. It's so fun when I recognize the places a blogger is writing about! Rts 1a between Portsmouth and North Hampton is certainly my go to place for soul nourishment. And that Van Morrison song!

  4. Beautiful!! :) I try to feed it regularly... my visiting my own coast! :)

    1. Being oceanside is one of my favorite ways to feed the soul. Some day I'll see the Pacific......I hope.


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