Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Summer Reminder & From The Desk of Pamela J. Bates


There is never enough. At least in my humble opinion. There's never enough to get done what needs to be done. Not enough to do all we want to do or try all we want to try or go where we want to go or see who we want to see. Not even close to enough to enjoy all the good moments and just relish in them. It's always rushing by and gone before you realize you missed something altogether.

So a gentle reminder in the midst of summer.

Work At Hand

I'm in the midst of several logo/branding projects. I've been working with small business people for 19 years and I truly enjoy helping them create a presence for their business so they can grow. 

Sometimes, when I'm in the midst of a design project I need a break just to clear my head. So I can see things from a fresh perspective. Sometimes I take a walk out back and see what is bloom (check) and sometimes I design something completely different from what I'm working on (check).

To that end, I've added a couple more premade logo designs to the shop. Premade logos are a budget friendly option that is customized with a businesses name. Now, I would much rather work with a client one on one, getting to know about them and their business and where they see it going in the future. Creating a logo that is designed just for them, and really speaks to who they and their business are, is very rewarding.  However, for those entrepreneurs who still want a professionally designed logo but have budget constraints, premade logos are a great route to go.

Now in the shop, premade logos with a little geometry and a nod to Shark Week.

The sun is shining again here today. It's just been glorious this past week. I admit, some days have had a fallish feel, but they've been sunny, dry and bright.  We enjoyed sitting in the back yard at the end of the day yesterday talking to the neighbors. Today is a bit hotter and I will most definitely be in the pool........yes, the same pool I just saved two cicadas from (eeeewww.....more because I didn't want them in my pool).  

Luckily, the smell of the 'moo juice' the farmer spread this weekend is finally disipating. Now, I usually kind of like the smell of cow manure when it's spread (I know, I'm weird), but this new liquid manure (yes, liquid) has been pretty overwhelming. Obviously, it's more concentrated. Ugh.  They litterally came with about 10 tanker truck loads of the stuff which shot out the back, and sprayed the field over and over again this weekend. 

Yup, it was so nice working the garden weeding for the first time all summer. Hear the sarcasm? 

{The above comments do not in any way detract from my ode to farmers post of last week. It's just that the 'fertilizer' was really, really, really smelly. Thank you for your attention to this matter. That is all.}

Cow poop or not, the day is too beautiful not to enjoy! And I am very grateful that it's not as smelling quite as strong or bad. Much to be happy about.

Ciao for now,


  1. I didn't that reminder about time and summer right about now!

    1. well.........we gotta enjoy it while it lasts! humidity supposed to be coming back today and rain for a day. yuck. but right now...........sunny and gorgeous. get out and enjoy it. sit on your stoop and take a load off.


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