Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What Inspires You Wednesday


Over the last two weeks I've been working on a custom logo design for the rebranding of a boutique.  I'd mention the client's name, but where it's a rebranding, I don't want to dilute or diminish her big launch for the new branding. 

Let me state the obvious. The focus for this project is on denim and honey.

I pulled together some things that have been inspiring my design work on this project.

Lots to love on this logo/branding inspiration board. 

credits: top honeycomb picture & bottom honeycomb in jar via
 maya sunny honey, by Robin Hearfield; bee skep via
blue honeycomb via National Geographic
Right now I'm in the midst of the first round of revisions and I love the direction it's taking. 

Have I told you I've been working with many lovely ladies lately thanks to my shop on esty, Bates Mercantile Co.? I love helping other women take the next step in branding and growing their businesses. That's not to say I don't work with men. I have worked with many over the years and am more than open to it.

For the most part though, I've found in my experience that women communicate in a more emotional (what they like/love), visual, creative and thoughtful manner (as in, they've given each piece of the puzzle quite a bit of consideration), while men seem to be more analytical, concise, and right to the point. Neither is better than the other, it's just different styles I've noticed in the past 19 years of owning my own business. How our gender affects the way we visualize, communicate, and plan growth for our businesses is interesting stuff to ponder, don't you think?

Although I offer premade logo designs via Bates Mercantile Co., what also really inspires me is working custom designs. It means getting to the nitty gritty of what someone wants their business to say, what the benefit of their business is, and how to get it all across visually. Always a challenge, and more often then not, a process between me and my clients to reach a design that speaks to them, their business and their market.

Hey, did you notice the blue honeycomb on my inspiration board? It's real. Cross my heart.  Farmers in an area of France noticed a couple of years ago that the bees were producing blue and green honeycombs and honey. It was discovered that the bee had started to feed off the leftovers from the local
M & M plant instead of flowers. Henceforth, the M & M plant kept their
by-products covered and indoors. Problem solved. Sure is pretty though.

What's inspiring you today? I'd love to know.

Have a great Wednesday. It's a great day to have.

Ciao for now,


  1. bees that love m&m's, how funny!
    I like the direction you're going with this, it will be fun to see the finished brand.

  2. I love your inspiration board, it's very inspiring. I just checked out your shop and your work is pretty amazing, thanks for sharing your inspiration. That is kind of funny about the bees feeding off the M&M's, but your right it does make for a pretty honeycomb.
    Everyday Inspired

  3. Excellent! You really have a gift.

    1. Thank you SO much! how sweet. can't wait to show you all the final design, but not until the store launch. A couple more weeks.........


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