Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Found My Thrill

On Blueberry Hill

Busy, busy round these parts at the moment. G's sister and her family flew in from Cyprus over the weekend. We haven't seen them in about 13 years. So, while they are here I'll be spending a little time away so I can spend time with them. Right now though, the visitors are off to the big city that I miss so much, NYC.  However, the busy hasn't ended, juggling lots of work so here is a post replay because it's just about that time.........blueberry picking time.  I highly suggest you give this recipe a try, especially if you're like me and love blueberry muffins. Divine.

My neighbor Joanie is a is a recently retired special education teacher most of the year, who works at Salt Box Farm in the summer tending to and selling the blueberries. We like this because.........well because we reap the benefits too.

This morning, thanks to Joanie, I made one of my favorites. Blueberry muffins.

Hot out of the oven!

Looking good enough to eat and oh so pretty on my Aunt Doris' platter. Took a a tip from Pioneer Woman and displayed the muffins on a white platter.

And a white plate.

Seriously, the butter just melted in!

Can't wait any longer! The jury is in. Delicious.

The best thing is...............

There's more in the oven and I still have enough blueberries to make another batch. Thanks Joanie and thanks to Colleen (whoever you are) for posting on allrecipes. I didn't do the cinnamon topping. Just sprinkled a little sugar on top before baking. Pefecto.

Next time I'll take another tip from Pioneer Woman......don't shoot the food so close!

Hope you all have a great day. We're in the midst of another heatwave. Hot, hot, hot. Have I told you lately that I love my pool?

Back to work I go!

Ciao for now,

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  1. I love Pioneer Woman! lol. and those muffins are making me drool! enjoy the company


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