Monday, July 22, 2013

At The Fair

Stratham Fair 2013

Our visitors, G's sister and her family, got back from NY on Friday. By Sunday they'd gone from the big city to the country fair.

Our town fair was on this weekend, and we took a break from pooltime on Sunday to head on over.

It's agriculturally based so there were lots of animals.

"Hey, who is that behind you gals?"

Never could decide.......llama or alpaca. There were also donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks all co-mingling at the petting zoo. 

Then onto the barns to visit the more farmyard animals.

The cows were all pretty friendly and one was even big on giving lots of kisses, as our niece sofia can attest. And the one cow in particular absolutely loved it when I scratched behind its ear. Just like a dog with the head tilt and would follow up with a thank you kiss. Classic.

There was a bevy of farmyard animals including piggies. Who knew they loved each other so much that had to snuggle when sleeping.

Of course, there were rides.

Gar's getting strapped in for a go on the freak out with Issy and Sofia.

Oh sure, it's looks harmless enough.


Maybe not.

I opted for picture taking on this one, but we did a couple of rounds on the good old Tilt A Whirl and laughed through the entire thing both times. We also took a ride on Pharoah's Fury, which basically is a giant boat like ride that swings back and forth like a pendulum until it's at a 90 degree angle. Oh yeah.

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Not sure this video gives the true effect, but you get the idea. I'll have to see if Gar got any shots of us on it. This is at some other fair.

Our nephew Niketas went on with me and Sophia, but he much prefered the shooting gallery.

A good time had by one and all.

Happy Monday.

Ciao for now,


PS- we also enjoyed the obligatory Fried Dough. It's been a long time but it was as good as ever.


  1. That looks like fun!! I went to a fair awhile back some of those rides made me really nauseous. At least you got to look at some animals. I would love to have a Llama because then I can make my own yarn!

  2. i love the picture you took of that ride where it's in the sky= looks great! and My cousin and I got thrown off that boat ride in Ocean City ,MD. back in the day- it went all the way upside down...and we were in the very tip back seats...she threw up and i peed...while we were upside down,, needless to say- the people underneath us wanted to summertime- you get the jist! LOLOL

    1. oh man, that is hysterical. i mean, funny in a 'thank god that didn't happen to me' sort of way.

      there was this young teen girl with her sister or mom on the round before us. they swung twice, weren't even high and she started to look like she was having a panic attack. poor thing. she spent the entire ride with her eyes closed and laying across the other girls lap. getting off the ride, she never let go of the girls hand. I felt bad.

      but I can see how that happened. I went for a seat in between middle and end, that was enough for me.

  3. Oh man, those rides look wild! The older I get, the more nervous I am about rickety fair rides. Roller coasters at theme parks don't scare me, but the thought of rides traveling the country and getting disassembled all the time freaks me out a little.


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