Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What Inspires You Wednesday

Art & Life

It makes me happy to discover new artists. I know I've come across Elsa Mora's art before on etsy, I think specifically her paper cutting sculptures. I had not, however, stumbled across her blog until last night and I'm so glad I did.

Her 'welcome page' bowled me over. All I kept thinking was......exactly!

Take a look at Elsa's wonderful blog intro.

1 small rounded corners1 WELCOME TO ART IS A WAY

ilust blue 2 rounded corners WELCOME TO ART IS A WAY

b2 small rounded corners WELCOME TO ART IS A WAY

3c small rounded corners WELCOME TO ART IS A WAY
So, I'm and taking Elsa's lead and opening up. This time last week I was in a serious funk. The past year has not been easy and there continue to be challenges. It's literally been one of those one-thing-after-the-other years. I am lucky though. I get to face the challenges with G and I know that it would be a lot harder alone.  I've done pretty well facing these challenges, but I've also had my moments. Last Wednesday was one of them.  We're all allowed to have one of those days, aren't we? You know, the days where you just can't get out of your own way, it feels like everything is weighing you down, and nothing is right with the world? I'm sure it's something we can all relate to. You muddle through, even though you don't feel like it, because you know in your heart of hearts that this is not the worst that could happen. That there are so many people worse off than you facing much greater challenges. That every cloud, has the proverbial silver lining. That the sun will come out tomorrow.
Then, I read this post on Elsa's blog and it really resonated with me. Generally speaking, I'm very thankful for all I do have. I focus on the positive. I love life and the people in it. I love to laugh. I appreciate the little things. Sometimes though, just sometimes......things just get in the way of all that. When it does, we need to stop, take a look around and be thankful for everything, or even just something.
Because no matter what's happening or what's going on, life is too precious to not do our best to make the most of every day.

Today, Elsa Mora is inspiring me with her art and her words.  Thank you Elsa.

What is inspiring you?
I'm so happy you're here. Really I am.
Have a great day in your corner of the world and I'll do the same in mine. On my plate there is creative stuff including logo design and printing/packaging/shipping some of my illustrations. It really makes me happy and thankful that today I get to do work that I really love with people from all corners of the globe.  How great is that?
Peace out.
Ciao for now,

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