Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Take A Walk With Us

To The Field And Back
The field grass is very long right now. In fact, it's reaching the bottom boughs of the cedar that stands alone in field. So we aren't getting to actually walk 'in' field at the moment. That will have to wait until the farmer comes and hays it.
So for now we (the hound and I) just take a leisurely stroll along the field and back to the house. He's an old boy and that suits him just fine. Though he wishes he wasn't an old boy because really all he wants to do is run.
Yesterday we had beautiful sun. Then all hell broke loose mid afternoon. I had to shut the computer down and my last load of laundry on the line, which was damn near dry, got an extra heavy rinse cycle. The wind whipped up and it was a pure lashing of horizontal sheets of rain with thunder and lightning. My neighbor said she saw a couple of trees downed on the way home from work. 
This of course meant everything was still wet this morning and the grass that was touching the bottom bough of the cedar was all matted down now. Still, despite the wet, there was much to take in.
The Yarrow is blooming. Lovely.
She loves me, she loves me not. 

There's always clover. And then, that tall grass. Can you find the bug?

Then back for a walk around the house. My front door rose is about to go full bloom.  I've dubbed it 'Audrey' after Little Shop of Horrors because you just can't stop this rose from growing  and it has nearly eatten several people as they've come to the door. Seriously, I am not kidding. I have to warn people before they get to the door.

Crown vetch now in bloom. This pretty flower grows rampant. So if you plant it you better be ready for it to do whatever it pleases.

More roses out by the pool, as well has bright cheery primrose and pink fairy skirts, which grow like mad too.

At this time of year there is something new blooming every day.  It's worth taking some time to enjoy it while it lasts.

We're supposed to get more pop up showers today so I'm glad I took a few minutes for a walk this morning.  Thanks for coming along.

More design work on the plate today.  Logo adjustments, etsy shop banner design, and starting a new custom logo.

What's happening in your corner of the world?

Whatever it is, make it a good one.

Ciao for now,

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  1. very pretty...it's been rain here for almost a week now...my ducks are enjoying it. :0)


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