Thursday, June 20, 2013

Favorite Finds

4 Bright Blue Grey Green Vintage stack of Nancy Drew Books Bundle of Books Old Retro

Etsy/Summers Past

Summer arrives tomorrow (yay) and I say bring it on. It has me thinking of what I love about the summer and how I used to spend it as a kid.  There's a lot to love about summer now, but as a kid you're footloose and fancy free with time to do whatever you please.

Here are some favorite finds from etsy that remind me of summers past.

1. Peonies by Lees Whimsy:  Peonies may herald Spring in full force, but they're still hanging on and still blooming. My mother has had peonies as long as I can remember. They lined the low brick wall in our side yard as well as the side of the house. My best friend Tina and I often plunked our blanket down there to laze the day away, talk until our tongues were tired and smell that heavenly scent of the peony.

2. 1950s Necklace via Eva Elena: This this necklace with all it's red, white and pink reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream bars from our Ice Cream man, Jolly Jingles.  I'd love to tell you I haven't had one in years, but that would be an outright lie. There is an ice cream truck that prowls our hood and we've been known to flag him down for a Strawberry Shortcake, a Chocolate Eclair or an Italian Ice.

3.  Vintage Jacks Doorstops or Bookends via CoMod: OK, so these are much larger than the Jacks we used to play with, but our patio was a great place for a game of Jacks.

4. Maxi Skirt via Haus Of Mirth: Well, if a floral, bohemian maxi skirt doesn't bring you right back 70s summers, I don't know what will.  Now, where are my Dr. Scholls?

5. Beach Umbrellas by Finding Focus: I'm sure I've told you my parents owned a hardware store at our beach. We rented beach umbrellas.  Our beach was and is always dotted with the most colorful array of beach umbrellas. I love that sight on a hot summer day.

6. ‘Undertow’ via Tastes Orangey: I'm a water baby. A fish in water. A girl who gets in, and doesn't get out for hours. I spent a lot of time in the ocean as a kid.  This summer I'd like to do that more often because it really made me happy to take a dip when I played hooky a couple of weeks ago. There is nothing like salt water on your lips and in your hair and sand in your toes.

7. Nancy Drew via Love Muffin Vintage: I admit it. I was a voracious reader of Nancy Drew. In fact, my mother had a bunch of vintage Nancy Drew books that got me hooked. I'd lay on a blanket in the backyard, not even notice whether the sun was shining or not, and read straight through a Nancy Drew book until I was done.

Do any of these favorite finds remind you of your summers past? What are some of your favorite memories of childhood summers?

Let's say goodbye to spring and HELLO summer!

Had a great day yesterday. Very busy day for Bates Mercantile Co.  Sure made me happy. Here's to today being more of the same.

Make it a good one. Get out and enjoy the last day of Spring.

Ciao for now,


  1. I love Nancy Drew, I collected them when I was just a them all while sitting in a tree. :0)
    and that painting "undertow" is wonderful.

  2. Great choices! I read every Nancy Drew story. I pretended my blue bike was that blue roadster! You cracked me up with the bohemian skirt and Dr. Scholls - my college outfit! And loved the beach umbrellas. Happy summer!

    1. used to pretend it was a roadster! crack me up!

      I think I read every nancy drew story too. it'd be fun to go back a read them again. bet we'd breeze through a few in a day.


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