Friday, May 24, 2013

Thrift Score & Freeform Friday

White. White.White.
So, the birthday girl (Mom) and I went thrifting yesterday afternoon. We were off to Salvation Army to see what we there was to be had. I found just what I was looking for, some white dishes to use in my food photos. I think they'll help the food really pop, and won't cast any weird colors (like my green bowls.....ick).  I'm hoping they'll help imporove my food shots.
I found two of these and took them home with me. Too sweet.

Since it was '50% off white and pink tag day' I got both of them for a buck. Can't beat it.

I had another great thrift score. I didn't know how great until I did a little research this morning. I was simply happy with the piece. Now that I know what is and more importantly it's value, I'm even happier. I'll get some photos of it and share it with you all next week. It's pretty cool.

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and our plans include our usual plans for this weekend. We plant the vegetable garden, which could be hampered by the weather we're having. We'll see where we get with that. We head across the street for an annual cookout on Sunday. On Monday, it's off to Hampton for the Memorial Day parade, complete with Uncle George marching and leading the gun salute at the cemetary.  It's a time to remember those who have given all they have to give to ensure our freedoms and it's an important day to mark, at least in my book. After that, over to sister Di and brother in law Al's for a cookout. The, back home for more planting.

What's your plans for the holiday weekend? Do you have a long weekend? I sure hope you do.

Freeform Friday

In the spirit of Memorial Day, I found this video of Bob Hope entertaining the troops in Vietnam. He was something else. He really supported the troops. And boy could he dance (though this video doesn't showcase his best dancing). If you're reading by email, click here.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Remember those who have died so we can enjoy the freedom we all too often take for granted, and think of those people around the world who do not enjoy the same kind of liberties. 

Ciao for now,


  1. Love these dishes!!! Tell the "Birthday girl" she has Birthday wishes all the way from Cali!! Xo, Ashley

  2. you tease! I can't wait till next week to see your thrift store score. lol. those white plates are wonderful.

  3. I have green bowls too, I tried to take some pics of my food but they just looked weird. I love your cool white new bowls, they are so simple and nice.


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