Friday, May 17, 2013

10 Small Things That Make Me Happy and Freeform Friday

Take Time To Smile
Since we got a few things off our chests thanks to Thursday's 10 Things That Make Me Crazy post, I thought we should end the week on a high note with focus on some positive things.

So in response to 10 Things That Make Crazy, here's 10 Small Things That Make Me Happy.

1. Fridays. I just love 'em. (is an entire day too big for this list?)

2. The smell of lilacs wafting through the air.

3. The hound. He makes me smile every day. That Lucan can be pretty funny.

4. Being able to see the stars at night from my bedroom window when I go to bed.

5. My handy dandy ruler that has decimal conversions printed on it. YAY.

6. A good cuppa Irish breakfast tea in the morning.

7. When I fall asleep on the couch and my husband puts the afghan over me.

8. My big Jacki O sunglasses.

9. Sticky notes [even if my wall is covered in them].

10. Gold paper clips.

So.......what about you? What small thing makes you happy?

Freeform Friday

This song makes me happy and makes me want to groove. Ms. Shirley Bassey is just too cool for school and one hot momma. If you're reading by email click here.

Any plans for the weekend? We're going out to dinner with my parents tonight to Mama Leone's season opening at our beach. It's an annual event where we all get to see familiar faces we haven't seen in too long.  Oh, and eat delicious Italian food. Hello.

Have a great Friday,

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  1. love this list <3
    missed the crazy list, I'll have to go look for it. lol


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