Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Moth origami lampshade gradient pink
Geometric Designs

Geometry. The only math I was ever really good at. Really good meaning I got A's in geometry. That of course, was only after failing miserably at algebra and begging my math teacher let me take geometry despite not having attained a high enough grade in algebra which was a requirement. He caved. He knew how hard I'd tried. How hard I'd really tried.

I was a different student. My teacher who had shown faith in me, was simply amazed at my grasp of geometry.

I was amazed too.  The experience may have something to do with my love of geometric shapes in design. Then again, it might just be that I like the shapes.

Here's some of my new discoveries of the geometric kind.

1.  Salad bowls. One of each please. Via present time.
2. Moth origami pendant lamp. Love every one in this shop. Via nelianna.

3. Love the color of these chairs the linear form. Might need a cushion though to make them a little more comfortable. They sure are pretty though. Via finnishdesignshop.

4. Where's my suitcase? I'm ready to go to a cabin in the woods. Really. I am.  Maybe we'll stay forever.  Via treehotel.

5. The circles, the texture, the layered lengths. This necklace works for me.
Via AliquidTextileJewels.

6. These cabinets seem to be versatile and just so sweet. Via Sigrid Stromgren.

What about you? Do you like geometrics or do they get the thumbs down for softer lines. I'm partial to a mix. 

How's your week going? Today is gray and rainy, kind of how I'm feeling. I imagine when the sun comes back out it will really make everything pop, and that makes me happy.

Make it a good one in your corner of the world.

Ciao for now,


  1. If that cabin has a coffee pot and a wine opener, I could live there quite contentedly!

    1. did you check out their site? all of the cabins look heavenly and the views.....aaahhhh.

  2. wow, I would love to stay in that tree house, despite my "fear" of heights.

    1. I know....it's like it is floating! kind of weird but neat too to be up in the trees

  3. Wow, love these geometric finds Pam! Geometry happened to be my favorite math class... Yes, I am a dork :)
    Hope you're doing well!


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