Friday, April 5, 2013

Around The Bates Estate

OK, Cottage
I'm sure I've told you before, we refer to our little piece of heaven as The Bates Estate. Let's get one thing straight here, just because we refer to it as an estate, doesn't mean it is. We're taking poetic license calling it that, because in all honesty, it's really more of a cottage.
Phew. I'm glad we got that out of the way.
Things I'm surrounded by today include:
*the vintage burned wood box and blue and white planter that hold office stuff like stamps, and my baby shoes on the windowsill
*my go to bangles (Gar had the brass one and the copper one made for me years ago, by this man we called The Copper, who used to come into our friends bar. He was pretty talented. The silver one I bought in Rome from a man who was making them right on in Piazza Navona. The mixed metal one, I think was a hand me down from my mother or sister. Can you tell I'm a bangle girl?).  bookshelves with books and other collections including the little Waterford terrier (By the way, if you haven't read Roddy Doyle, do. He's one of my very favorite authors...The Barrytown Trilogy: The Commitments, The Snapper, The Van. This man knows Dublin. He kills a good way of course. The one in the picture, is the true story of his parents, Rory & Ida).  My geraniums are still thriving indoors, one has been blooming away, the other is about to. They're just itching to get outside. Just like me.
*the book I'm reading now. I'm half way through and enjoying it very much. Lovely writing.  Lilac bud!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup. I'm pretty excited about that.
*Lord Lucan. Guard dog extraorindaire. King of the Hood. Barker at all moving things. At 14 he still knows it's his job to notice and alert me to every single little thing.
I should have taken a picture of my desk because that's where it's really happening today.
I'm in the midst of design work and ad planning for clients.
Can I just say, I'm totally stoked it's Friday.
No big plans this weekend. Just around the house stuff. Maybe steaks on the grill tomorrow night as the Gman keeps mentioning that.  Who am I to argue?
What's happening in your world?
Sunset Meadows
It's been a good week at Sunset Meadows. The temps have thankfully warmed up because it was freezing at the beginning of the week, and there's been a pretty sunset every night. Works for me.  Last night's was all wispy.
Purty, purty.
Freeform Friday
My friend Cathryn posted this one by Imagine Dragons to my facebook wall recently. Not sure how I was missing them before, but I was. I rather like this. Click here if you're reading via email. 

Hope you have a great Friday and thoroughly enjoy your weekend whether you're working, kicking back, have lots of plans or what have you.
Ciao for now,


  1. I love these little peeks into your life. :0)

    1. Thanks Debbi! it was a busy day yesterday. today, will be full too but a different pace. this makes me happy.

  2. I really enjoy you letting us in & around your estate :) I'll tell you what I did - read your blog, clicked on the song you posted & scrolled back through your photos, it was the perfect compliment. What a great song too.
    Thank you Pam


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