Thursday, April 25, 2013

9 Ways to Make Your Walls Happy

I Am An Illustrator

Hi there. It's me. Pam.  Again, today is supposed to be link party day here, but I just don't feel very much in the mood.

I'm struggling a bit with the link parties because they are meant to be a way for fellow artists and crafters to reach new people and lately it seems like the participation is getting lower rather than higher, and that I have to almost beg people to participate, which defeats the purpose and just bums me out in general. 

So, instead today, I am answering the call from Andrea from Strong Southerly to see more of my stuff, especially since she answered my call for more elaboration on the 'dunny paper' story. If you don't know what dunny paper is, read this.

As I indicated in the title of this post, I'm an illustrator.  That's just one of the assortment of hats I wear but it's one I really enjoy.

To that end, I can help make your walls pop and here's 9 ways just to prove my point.

1. Chevron V. Circles: this print is one of the first illustrations I created for Bates Mercantile Co. when I opened our shop on etsy.  It's been shipped all over the place, including Onga Onga, New Zealand. I had to throw that in there....I mean, Onga Onga? What a great name for a town.

2. Bon Courage: Everyone needs a little luck and courage now and then.  I did a little research while designing this illustration and found out that the French consider wishing someone good 'luck' almost rude, as if they couldn't do 'it' without 'luck'.  Who knew. Instead, Bon courage.


3. Hello Chevrons: Need I say more?
4.Close To The Edge: If you don't like Kurt Vonnegut's writing, I lay odds there is a quote of his that will speak to you.
5. Dream Within A Dream: Because, we've all had those dreams.
6. Hey It's Going To Be A Great Day: An attitude adjustment reminder we can all use now and again.

7. Everything Was Beautiful: I think we all make this wish from time to time for many different reasons. Sure would be nice. Again, Vonnegut.

8. Peacock In Blue: It's whimsical and who can't use a little whimsy. It's based on Scandinavian design. There, I gave you two reasons for this one.
9.  Live To Create: If you're anything like me, this is what guides you most days. If you're not like me, you can still probably appreciate what creativity brings to our lives.
10. Grow Love: When you purchase this print between now and May 3rd, the entire purchase price will be donated to Bucks for Bauman, a fund set up to support Boston bombing survivor Jeff Bauman who lost both of his legs. You can make a difference in someone's life and you'll have a nice reminder for doing so.


All of these illustrations are available as archival prints, meaning they are museum/gallery quality and will last longer than you or I. They are also available in various sizes. You can see more of my work in our shop.  Did you know I design logos too? Maybe I'll share some of those next time, but you can see those at Bates Mercantile Co. as well.
Hope you're all having a great day.
If anyone has feedback on how to make the link party work better for all who participate, leave a comment or drop me a line.
The sun is shining here and it's about time. Still a bit brisk to say the least, but we'll take it.
What's shaking in your corner of the world?
Ciao for now,


  1. No. 1, No. 6 and No. favourites :) Thanks for showing us pam.

    1. well, I know they're not dunny paper but............maybe some day i'l be in the far reaches of the world and see one somewhere. it'd be a hoot.


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