Thursday, March 21, 2013

Need a Little Extra Happy? It's Time To Party!

Can You Take A Hint?

Yup, it's that time. You know me, can't keep me away from a good party for too long. If you have an etsy/online shop link up! If you have a blog, link up!  If you don't, come along for the ride. Just be sure to buckle up. 

Look around, hop around, follow one link to another and get set to discover things you've never even read about in books. OK, maybe you have, depending on the books you've been reading.

I thought we can always use an extra bit of happy in our lives, so this party is dedicated to that which makes us smile. Things that make us happy and generally make life that much better, just like a good party.

sources: double rainbow factory via pearson maron; best friend papercut card via ashley pahl; painted lady via SandraEterovic; Nancy Drew book via See Dolly Run

#1. I love rainbows. Double rainbows? Even better. I saw the best double rainbow ever a couple months ago while I was at the grocery store. It was huge and awesome. Of course, my phone battery was dead. How annoying. There was a guy next to me in the parking lot taking pictures and I really wanted to ask him to send a couple, but I didn't want him to call the police about the crazy lady that was stalking him.

#2. friends.................need I say more? OK, I will. We have been truly blessed this department and we're lucky enough to say our family are our friends too. I know that's not always true. Our friends are always ready for a good time and will do anything for a few laughs.

#3. Art. Any kind. Any how. It just makes me happy. It doesn't even have to be whimsical, but it's a nice 'happy bonus' when it is'.

#4. A good book.  We've been getting stuck in at night, going from book to book.  Some good ones I've read lately, The Pioneer Woman: High Heels and Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond- the woman could make me cause drink to shoot out my nose, if I was drinking while reading.  Someone Will Be With You Shortly by Lisa Kagan- another laugh out loud so much your husband reading next to you is not nearly as amused.  The Bastard by John Jakes- do any of you remember the Bicentennial Series....I mean do any of you who were alive at the time remember the series?  This was the first in the series and I read it many moons ago and thought I'd give it another go. A thoroughly enjoyable read that mixed a lot of history about the birth of our nation amongst a story that kept me turning the pages.  Wasn't sure if I'd be up for it after two funny ones, but I was hooked about 25 pages in.  I started one I got from one of my bookclub/champagne ladies last night, The Art of Hearing Heartbeats.  So far so good. But what about Nancy Drew you say? I think I read every single one, tucked in under the desk in my parents room with a giant flashlight, or curled up on the living room couch. I was quite obsessed.

What? One more?

#5. Parties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know me, I'm a party girl at heart. I'm the last one to leave and surely, if there is a lampshade in the room, I could be wearing it by the end of the night.

Now, time to link up.

Have a great day. It's a great day to have.

Ciao for now,




  1. Love the theme! I always love to see who stops by!

  2. We saw a rainbow just a week or two ago! I wish they would appear everyday. :) I think I was still in grade school the last time I saw a double one!

  3. I'm just a wee bit too young to have read and fallen in love with the Nancy Drew books. But I can certainly respect the fact that those books are American icons!!! Thanks for another chance to party! (Trying my hardest to send some of my beautiful spring to you!)

  4. I love what you said about art "any kind. any how. it just makes me happy." Yes! Me too. Also, I'll take a good book any day.

  5. Thanks for hosting - love love love that double rainbow! So cool!

  6. Hi Pamela, Thanks for hosting the party!

  7. Hi Pam,
    Thanks for the invite to the Happy Party !
    I love the cute rainbow !

  8. Pam, you are so witty ! I love it!!!
    You forgot to mention see, i know you too well by now :)
    I would add Sunny days - I just love them!
    It is very sunny here and tomorrow it's going to be very very hot (heat wave)...

    Thanks for the invite, great to be here!

  9. Love the double rainbow! Mud season's a great time to party on! :D

  10. What makes me happy? snuggled up in a warm log home, with my husband & boys! What would make me happier? A warm and sunny day so I can sit on my front porch without a coat. Thanks for hosting this party, and allowing me to post my link here.

  11. Oh, Nancy Drew! I have all my mom's Nancy Drew collection, a few of them actually belonged to my grandma as well. I love them so much. I wish I had a little girl to pass them on to.


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