Friday, March 1, 2013

Inspired Design: Mercantile Muse Blog Redesign

Beauty of Nature

You may have noticed (or maybe not if you're reading via email, etc.), but I'm in the midst of a redesign of Mercantile Muse. It's sssllllloooooowwwwwww going. I could get lost in it for hours, if I had them to get lost in. So I squeeze it in here and there and it's a long way from being done, but I thought I'd show you where I've been getting my design inspiration.

In case you haven't guess yet, by the picture above, it's the fig.

I think the range of colors contained in one little precious fig are rather remarkable. Amazing in fact. sure does know what it's doing.

image sources: top left/via the kitchn and nancy mitchell, top right/via food blogga
bottom left/via bento bird, bottom right/via flavors of rome

See what I mean? Aren't figs something else?

Here are some of some of the components I'm incorporating.

So, if you wondering what the heck was going on..............just a little nature inspired redesign.

What do you think? Yay or nay? It's ok, you won't hurt my feelings.

Please pardon the appearance while I'm moving the furniture around.

Today is one fantastic Friday. We got great news that we've been praying for and I couldn't be happier.  Well, maybe just a little because we got double great news today. I hope your day is going just as well.

Freeform Friday

I had to share this. It's got to be one of the coolest dance routines ever.  Click here if you're reading by email.

Ciao for now,


  1. Beautiful color scheme, and I love the inspiration behind it! I had fresh figs for the first time about a year ago, when I was staying with a host family in Bolivia for two weeks. They had a fig tree in their yard, which was awesome!

  2. Of course YAY! I am totally partial. I am a big fan of Figs and you totally nailed it with the awesome colors! Gorgeous! Have fun and see you in the colorful best soon!

  3. love seeing your inspiration laid out like this. you are so right about the figs, the colors are so lush and gorgeous. everything is looking so beautiful!


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