Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

Project: Logo Design & Branding

As you may know, one of the things I keep myself busy with is working with small business people on logo design and branding.  I was lucky enough to be contacted recently by a lovely gal in San Francisco, Justine, who had found me through my etsy shop, Bates Mercantile Co.  Justine owns Skin Remedy and is an esthetician. That means she knows how to take care of your skin, and the wonderful thing about Skin Remedy is that Justine works with organic and holistic botanicals to help her clients' skin look and feel as good as it can.  Can't you just picture yourself relaxing, having a sublime facial? Yes. I wish San Francisco was closer. I'd be over to Skin Remedy toot sweet, just for a little me time.

Justine felt that her current logo wasn't speaking to her style or how she wanted to project her business, although I thought it was a pretty nice logo. However, the important thing here is she didn't feel like it represented her and what she did.   The great thing about Justine, other than her being as sweet as all get out, is that she realized fully that this would be a process.....a back and forth communication process with multiple steps and revisions.

We emailed back and forth, and then we spoke on the phone so I could give her the 3rd degree. Honestly, I'm not kidding you. When I'm working on a design project with my clients, I am nosey, like Gladys on Bewitched. I need as much information as I can get to lay the foundation for what is to come.  What is to come? Research, ideas sketches (hand drawn and digital), initial designs, revisions and more revisions. It's all about getting to what really speaks to my clients and what will speak to their clients and potential clients. The heart of the matter.

As I said, it included initial drafts of potential designs.........

Then revisions.....take what the customer likes, do some tweaking to meld the two together, complete with a more illustrative look. This is all to get closer to the right logo. Note how I said 'closer'.

We're getting there, but not quite.......

.......................tomorrow, the final results. Cue cliffhanger sound effects.

Ciao for now,


  1. OMYGOSH Pam ... I some how missed that you did logo design. This is all brilliant!! Can't wait to see the final product ...

    Also loving your new blog design! Blessings, C.(HHL)

  2. I am at the edge of my seat but will wait patiently until tomorrow. Love what you've done so far...gorgeous and simple

  3. Can't wait to see the final design...
    p.s. I might be next on your list :)

  4. I love the first design, I can't wait to see the finial design.
    Everyday Inspired


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