Monday, March 25, 2013

2 Ingredient Cookies + 1

You Read That Right

I'm with you, when I found this recipe for 2 ingredient cookies on pinterest, I said 'that's for me'. I mean, who wouldn't love making a two ingredient cookie?

Thanks to The Burlap Bag for this easy as it sounds recipe.


2 large bananas (preferably a little brown)
1 cup of quick oats

**if you want, throw in a handful of nuts, chocolate chips, raisins or what have you. We went with chocolate chips.

Mash bananas and oats together, add third ingredient if you desire. Spoon onto greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 15 minutes, according to the recipe from The Burlap Bag. Mine were done in 12.  Also, perhaps their bananas were bigger because it yielded 16, and all we got was 12. Bonus, the basic recipe is gluten free and can remain so depending on what else you feel like throwing in.  Let cool for 5 minutes and eat.  They are better right out of the oven, as they get a little too chewy the next day.


I had some brown bananas freezer and figured, I might as well give it a go. (you know you can freeze your brown bananas, right? Just throw them in the freezer. After a little defrosting, they're good to go when you're making banana bread or these cookies).  Phew. I was exhausted after making these cookies. Not really. The recipe was as easy pie and made a nice little breakfast cookie, or whenever cookie.

All in all we give it two thumbs up.

How was your weekend? Ours just wasn't long enough. Isn't that always the problem?

My sister and our friend Kel Roy stopped over for some impromptu you tubing Friday night. We did a little belated St. Patrick's Day celebrating complete with hats, jigs and cosmos.

I had to post this picture because I think my sister Di looks like my sister Gloria in this one. Weird how that happens.

 We tried to do the Lyndy too, but weren't very successful.

The dog? He just watched from his corner of the couch.

Saturday I went to do groceries, worked a little at my desk and then Saturday night we were off to a Welcome Home party for our friends' Ralph and Cathryn's son Matthew, who recently completed a tour in Afghanistan. So great to have a happy occasion to celebrate. Seems like yesterday that Matthew was a mudgy faced baby, and now he's in the Army. Time does indeed fly. We had a ton of fun (read: we took a cab...yay for the cab man who was so nice---thanks Bob!) and had lots of laughs.

Yesterday we stopped over to my parents for a visit and then came home, did dishes and laundry and generally chilled out for the rest of the day.  The duck breasts I mentioned in yesterday's post were quite divine. I lied though. I didn't roast them, I just sauteed them. Delicious either way.

A good weekend all in all. Just wish there was one more day.

Sunset Meadows

We've had some pretty sunsets the last few days.

This one was like a big fireball, but it went so quick I didn't get a shot off until it was nearly down.

Yesterday's was lovely and absolutely blinding while I took the pictures.

Did you have a busy weekend? Did you get lots done? I was hoping to get a little more done, but that's the way the ball bounces.
Hey, quick question for fellow anyone else having trouble inserting pictures into posts? For several weeks, when I insert pictures, it's had to be able to get the cursor past the pictures so I can finish the post, or there is a bunch of extra space after picture that should be there. It is happening in both firefox and explorer. Maybe it's a blogger bug? I don't know but it sure is annoying. Just wondered if I was the only one.
Make it a great Monday.
Ciao for now,


  1. Those cookies do sound easy! And no added sugar, so pretty darn healthy to boot. Great sunsets.

    I had a little trouble with a picture insertion this morning -- it wanted to rearrange my text, which was weird.

    1. glad it wasn't just me. I struggle with the picture text thing again today. in both explorer and firefox. frustrating!

      oh, the sunsets...............we are so blessed.

  2. Wow - I must try that recipe! Thanks!

    1. definitely worth a try. i mean,they couldn't really be easier.

  3. 2 ingredient anything is fine with me. :0) and you are one party girl!! lol

  4. They look yummy! I have to try some - they sound pretty healthy too! Thanks! :)

    1. They weren't bad. Not my 'favorite' but let's put it this way. They got eatten.

  5. About those cookies.....I found the same receipe. Except when I make them they are more like chewy bread than cookies. :(

    1. They were definitely on the chewy cookie side and better when eaten right out of the oven. The next day they were even chewier.AND they were pretty small and it didn't make as many as the recipe indicated...i got 12 vs 16 I think, and they couldn't have really been much smaller.


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