Tuesday, March 19, 2013

101 Ways To Wear White

It's Snowing Again

Houston, we have a problem.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring here which is all well and good, except for one little detail. Winter isn't ready to give up the ghost. The promise of snowdrops is still just that, a promise. They may be blooming, but we wouldn't know because just when the snow was starting to melt from the last 3-round-punch of snow storms, all is covered anew.

It's snowing at a good clip and I'd say we have close to a foot already and supposed to continue throughout the day. It's looking like we might get more than they predicted.

I'm not mad. I mean, sure I'm ready for Spring weather, but before long we'll be in the midst of Summer heat longing for cool days.

For now, I'll just enjoy it.  The fire is cranking and I'm working at the desk and I have a nice view of the snowfall from inside our snug little cottage. Things could be worse.

I think I forgot to tell you, Lucan turned 14 on St. Patrick's Day. He loves the snow.  Sometimes. Wink. Wink. This morning it was pretty deep which made it a little challenging for him to get around, but he made do.

"Who are you calling 14?"

Enjoy the day. No matter how old you are and no matter what the weather is like. Because today, is a good day to have.

Ciao for now,

PS- can you believe there are still some oak and ash leaves clinging to trees after the wild and wooly Winter we've had? Talk about not letting go.......


  1. Pretty pictures! We had a slight dusting of snow the other day, but nothing serious for a couple of weeks. It is 25 degrees again today, so we still have winter going on in that sense. I'm ready for spring.

  2. every day is a good day. the sun is shining here and I have the door open...but like you said, soon it will be HOT! but then that's just pool time. :0)

  3. I love snow on pines like those. Lovely photos. :) We got about 4 inches out of it. It was heavy stuff, though!

  4. I'm sure reading this has sent a few flurries of snowflakes my way....but it's melting - I think you definitely win on the snow front! Happy Birthday Lucan!

  5. We don't have the snow, but we have the cold. Eleven degrees this morning. Just love that last picture!


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