Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's A Valentine's Day Party!

Gotta Have It/Gotta Blog It Link Up
Hey gang, guess what? It's time to pah-tay Valentine's Day style! If you have an online shop/business or blog I hope you'll join in and link up. If you don't, I hope you'll have a look around and discover new shops and blogs to follow. It's all good.
This little link up is my way of paying forward. I want to give small independent business owners and bloggers a place to promote themselves and reach new people. The big boys have marketing departments to do that for themselves. Small business owners and bloggers? Not so much.
Join me in supporting handmade artisans and crafters, and bloggers; meet some new people and make new friends at the party.
The calls have been made, love is in the air, grab a bit and a drink and enjoy!
sources: vintage red phone via Mariya Decor: book page red rose wreath via anthology on main; dark choclate shortbread via butter blossoms; champagne glasses via zoe designs vintage
*If you like Mercantile Muse enough to link up, it would be so nice if you would please follow too. There are plenty of ways in the sidebar.You'll also find me on Hellocotton.
*Don't link and run. Be kind and follow links others have left behind.
*Link once for your shop, once for your blog.
*You'll also find Bates Mercantile Co. here: facebook, pinterest, twitter, tumblr. I'd love to connect!
*These parties aren't a success without your help. Can you share a link to the party? Blog, tweet, facebook, pin, share on any etsy teams? If you blog and are so inclined to grab a button (from Mercantile Muse button page) for your blog, that would be wicked awesome. Everyone is welcome - tell your friends. When you all take time share this party, they are totally rockin'. 
*When you take part in the link up, you'll go on the Mercantile Muse mail list. {Correspondence will come from the address pbates at speakeasyinfo dot net.} I'll let you know when the next party is underway and about other happenings at the Muse.
*BY ALL MEANS, feel free to leave a comment. Tells a little more about you, your shop or blog. Need help to get started? "Do you celebrate  Valentine's Day, and if you do, how?"

Time to have some fun! (If you're reading by email, click here to go to the party).
Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Spread the love!
Ciao for now,




  1. Happy Valentine's Day Pam! I hope you and Gar have a wonderful happy day! :)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day. I'm all linked up! I love that red phone you picked.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Pam ! Thank you for the invite :-)

  4. Happy Vday Pam! Linking up! <3

  5. Happy Valentine's Day! Love those champagne glasses!

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! We forgot to make plans because we're totally on the ball, so it might end up being frozen pizza and Netflix for us. :-)

  7. We do celebrate Valentine's Day, but not in a big flashy way. Usually just rent a movie or turn off our phones for the night. Something like that. I splurged on my hubby's favorite k cups and he'll probably buy me some candy. We like to keep it simple. :D
    Thanks for another opportunity to link up! I've got a lot of new stuff in the shop, so I'm excited to see what you think!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :D

    (A Bow For Mama)

  8. Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for hosting the link-up. I spent the morning shopping with my aunt and my daughter, and we had a great time. My daughter told everyone she saw "Happy Bal-in-times Day" :-)

  9. Happy Valentine's Day!! Thank you for this opportunity to link up...

  10. Thanks so much...I linked up. I'll be back later to check everyone out! Off for some fun Valentine's Day goodness!

  11. Thanks for giving all of us this opportunity! Did you know it's random acts of kindness week? Thanks for being so kind. :)

  12. Happy Valentine's Day! This has been a Fun Party!

    Thanks Again!

  13. I'm a day late, but Happy V-Day! Great party, as always :)

  14. Happy day after Valentine's Day Pam! Hope you got some love :)

  15. A bit late to the link up! I celebrated Valentine's Day in the toddler room at day care...cupcakes, Valentine's and streamer dancing :)


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