Monday, February 18, 2013

Feed Them and They Will Come

Winter Birds

Our backyard birds that stick around through Winter have been waiting and waiting and waiting for us to get more bird food.  They caught on pretty quick once we did and Garrett filled up the feeder.

Saturday was a chickadee feed fest. Once the snow stopped they were flitting about all morning, from here to there and back again.

Branch to feeder....

......feeder to snow....even a junco joined in....

 ......branch to snow....

....snow to branch (look at the seed in his mouth)....come on, I know you can do it chickadee.....

 and feeder to.........

.....branch. Over and over and over.

I love watching them.

A couple of turkey vultures flew over too. Have you ever seen one up close? They are one ugly bird, except when they're soaring high above you. Then, beautiful. Getting into neighbor's garbage? Not so much.

They're huge birds and they usually soar in pairs. I love all the fingering feathers at the end of their wings.

The cardinal was out too, but refused to come in for a photo op.

Do you have backyard bird friends? I call myself the bird lady of Stratham. I love chatting with them. We get a pretty good variety here all year round. Even the blue birds stay the Winter. If I were them, I think I'd fly to Florida or somewhere warm.

Sunset Meadows

We got snow Saturday morning and more Sunday morning. The wind picked up Saturday night and it hasn't let up yet. It is wicked. Bitter, freezing cold. It's been blowing anywhere from 20-40 mph with huge almost scary gusts. Haven't lost any trees yet, or power....not sure how.  The wind has been whipping so bad it's really drifting the snow that fell and the plows had to make rounds all night to keep clearing the road.

See if rolling along the field?

There was so much snow flying it was hard to get a picture, it was making everything look out of focus.

Looks like it's dancing in this one.

Dear Wind,

You can go away now.


PS- how was your weekend? Ours was good. Ended up going out to The 401 Tavern on Friday night with my parents. Saturday we popped over to neighborhoodlums Sandee and Gerry's for a campfire out back in the snow--- it wasn't arctic yet. Wind didn't pick up until late Sat night, early Sunday morning.  Sunday was a work-at-the-desk-day for me and for Gar, wood hauling to keep the fire going. What about you?


  1. Stunning photos! I really enjoyed seeing these :) Love all the birdy activies going on!
    Have a lovely week,
    Duni xo

    1. Hi Duni, thanks so much. We have so many little birds that like our yard and the woods out back and the field across the street. They make me happy. I chit chat with them and I'm sure if I hadn't warned the neighbors that I 'talk to the birds' they would think I was nuts.

  2. those pictures are amazing! I just heard that the hummingbirds are already moving, so it's time to start cooking their sugar water.

    1. Thanks Debbi. They we so busy getting their fair share of the seed. Funny you mention the hummingbirds. My husband made a liar out of me on Valentine's Day and got me a present....a hummingbird feeder. I've never had one. I usually just let my bee balm and milk weed attract them, but it will be fun to get some before the blooms are here.

  3. I love your photos. I pin often, especially on my board called Colours

    1. Glad you like the shots was fun just watching them do their thing while snapping picture. Thanks so much for pinning!!

    2. are we connected on pinterest????? it's so hard to keep track but feel free to leave your link if we're not!

  4. These pictures are so beautiful that I almost wish we had some snow, almost. Last night it was down into the 50s in Miami and I remembered that anything below 60is waaaaay too cold for a girl from Brazil :)

    I'll enjoy winter from your pictures!


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