Sunday, February 10, 2013

Digging Out

The Storm That Was
Nemo, the Blizzard of 13 didn't disappoint. It started out slow and took a good few hours to hit 'blizzard' status, but when it did.....the wind was  howlin', the snow was dumping and it was a white out.  The worst of it was from about 11pm until dawn yesterday morning.
This is how we started out at the beginning of Nemo on Friday morning.  Just a dusting on the ground, and about 2 ft to the top of the pool.
This is where we're at now.  It's hard to tell how much snow we really got because there was so much wind and drifting, but one of the neighbors measured 28 inches in the best spot he could find in his yard. I'd say that's about right.  The pool is full and beyond.
Thank goodness neighbor Tom came to help dig us out yesterday with his tractor. There was so much snow he didn't know where to put it.
Now, it's not that we haven't had this much snow before, it just doesn't usually happen all at once.
We could barely find my car.
Here's my neighbors above ground pool. I swear. It's there. Cross my heart.
And their front door.

Well, sort of.
Here's The Bates Estate. 
Out the front door this morning........snow and more snow.
Today there is bright sunshine and blue skies making for lots of shadows on the snow.
And still lots of drifting.
We brought lots of wood in and were hunkered down for the duration. The neighbors ventured over during the storm on Friday night and we enjoyed a little blizzard party, complete with storm themed YouTube selections.
Yesterday was, of course, spent digging out. We still need to shovel a 'tunnel path' for the dog because the snow is too deep for him to get through.
We were relatively unscathed other than the copious amounts of snow. Along the beach however, the ocean made its power known wiping out some sections of seawall. Actually, more like a giant rock hill wall about 25 feet high which is no more. Here's a clip from the local TV station, that shows a little bit of the ocean's fury.
Thankfully, we finished digging out in time to enjoy the sunset after the storm.
Sunset Meadows
Today, I'll be working on some design at my desk. 
The fire is still going, so all is good.
What's on your plate today?
Ciao for now,


  1. We got just about the same as you and the landscape looks about the same- everything soft and rounded and white. It took hubby 4 hours to clear the driveway, which isn't even that big. Glad you are safe and warm!

    1. Crazy, right?

      Glad you guys made out ok too. I think considering the stength of storm, that having 600,000 without power in NE, wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. I thought there would have been more.

  2. Goodness, that's a lot of snow. Glad you made it through!

    1. Like I said Lynette, it's not like we don't get this much snow, just not usually at once. Call me crazy, but I'd have loved more (you, know, since Tom has a tractor and helps us out ;)

  3. I'm impressed by this amount of snow! As we live by the sea, it only snows here once every ten years or so!

    1. we're by the sea too, but nh must be colder than were you are in spain. it's funny living on the coast, sometimes such different weather in same storm. sometimes it goes all wet, and other times we get so much more because it keeps rotating in off the ocean.

  4. Looks lovely! We only received 13 inches of snow and some rain from nemo. Thankfully!

    1. hey, 13 inches is a lot of snow!!!

      the wind was crazy Kaitlyn, so glad we didn't lose power. not sure how....but glad we didn't.

  5. I'm a little much prefer snow and winter than humid and summer. So much fun to be had with snow!

    1. well, i will say this. i used to be much more miserable in the humid weather before we bought our little cottage with the pool out back. now if the humidity gets to me, i just jump in. otherwise, i can be like a bear when it's humid.

  6. Your photographs are beautiful! The snow and sunset images are that picturesque snow we hope for (but rarely receive) at Christmastime. Glad that you got through the blizzard ok!

    1. Thanks Melanie..........isn't it just. Would be the perfect kind of white Christmas snow!

  7. Wow, great photos. That is a lot of snow, luckily you had a neighbor with a tractor to help. The sunset shots are beautiful.
    Everyday Inspired


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