Saturday, February 2, 2013

Come Saturday Morning

In The Neighborhood
The bluebirds were quite busy yesterday morning.  Bopping all about the yard.
One stayed still long enough for me to snap a shot.
As I said, they were bopping.
Over to another branch please.........
And then he was off....................
Sunset Meadows
Lots of pretty sunsets this week. 
Peachy keen.
We're off on a little adventure.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Ciao for now,


  1. love the barn....I've been hearing the birds here too, just haven't seen them yet.

    1. me too. i've taken so many pictures of that barn. so glad our neighbors restored it.

      funny thing about the birds....the blue birds used to be very few and far between here. my mother is still waiting for them to show in yer yard. but there seem to be more and more and they stay all winter. i have pictures of them in my tree after an ice storm and they've come to my window feeder in winter too. so pretty.

  2. Gorgeous photos - love the bluebird, barn and clouds :)

    1. for's a great little spot we live in. so much to love all around us.

  3. Those are really pretty birds. Great photos although I can feel the coldness! Hope your weekend was great. My wasn't so bad.


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