Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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Sketchbook In Hand
Well.......I got it. My sketchbook that is. I received it a few weeks back.  It's been tucked away in the envelope it came in, but now I've got ideas running through my head again. This means, it's probably time to put pen to paper, film to paper, fabric to paper, paint to paper, pencil to paper- or what have you.
Can you tell I'm leaning toward a mixed media piece?
I'm excited to begin, but I'm also a little hesitant and nervous. What if I don't like how something comes out on the page?
Ah. Doubt. The tell tale sign of an artist I suppose. 
I guess if I don't like the way something comes out, I'll simply create something over it.
I've settled on a theme that connects to the tour I chose to be a part of....1703 Miles and Back. 
My sketchbook theme is 'Places In My Heart'.
I'll give you some updates along the way, you know........when there is  actually more than a lot of white in my sketchbook.
In the end, I'm more excited than anything. To think that my little sketchbook, when finished will go on a three city tour (Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Rapid City) and then be housed permanently at the Brooklyn Art Library among so many wonderful and unique sketchbooks, it pretty neat.
I promise, I'll get over the artist doubt soon.
While I'm doing that, take a look at some of the wonderful sketchbooks from The Sketchbook Project that I've found on pinterest. You'll see immediately what I mean about wonderful and unique.
I'm at the desk today working on logo design and some business writing.
I know the day is going to fly.
What's on your plate?
Ciao for now,


  1. How cool!!! It sounds like a great project. I look forward to checking out your updates. Stay inspired.
    Everyday Inspired

    1. It is cool........I just can't get over some of the sketchbooks I've found online. And then the tour and then permanent collection.....what a fantastic idea.

  2. Wow, the photos on pinterest are very impressive!
    Have fun with the project Pam!


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