Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Take A Walk (or Drive) With Us: Part 3

I Need This

Now that I have spent my entire day online 'chatting' with Earthlink - my website host and email provider, I really need to take a breather.

All I was trying to do was another add and email address to my account which I have done previously with no problems (since I have a website with them, I can add multiple email addresses....or so I thought). This time, not so grasshopper.

If my head wasn't attached it would have blown off when the first guy, who I'd spent 30 minutes in chat and 40 minutes in screen sharing to resolve the problem, up and backed out of session. Poof. Buh-bye. In fact, I told the second guy my head was ready to blow off and added something else about the problem. He answered 'good'. I replied, not really. I kind of like my head.

In the end, I figured out the problem myself, though the second guy was much more helpful.

Anywho.......a short break. Sure, I'll take a walk, I'll take a ride. What about you?

Isle of Shoals just off our coast. Sometimes it's like you can reach out and touch them.

Pretty houses on the way into town.

Part of Great Bay at low tide.

A horrible shot of Porstmouth, but I thought it might give you some feel for our little city on the bay. Lots of brick and lots of history.

It's still dressed up for the holidays.

You know if we're in Portsmouth, we're heading to the Square right across from North Church.

LOVE this one. WE. Because together we can accomplish so much.

Next stop RiRa, thanks to Santa. You can not take a bad picture of this beautiful stained glass dome. That's the NH state seal in the middle.

Pretty. Pretty.

The cheesey bacon fries we shared weren't bad either.

Ahhhh, I feel better already. Still annoyed at wasting so much time, but there's nothing I can do about I'm moving on.

Thanks for taking this breather with me.

Be here tomorrow for our first shop and blog link up party of the new year. You do love to party, don't you?

Ciao for now,


  1. how beautiful!!! and save me some cheesy bacon fries!

    1. they were the best cheesey bacon fries. thank goodness we just split a small order because they were more then enough. with real bacon, not 'bacon bits'. crispy, yummy, bacon. one more reason to love ri ra.


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