Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday At Sunset Meadows

Pink Sky At Night

Garrett caught a glimpse of the sky out the kitchen door last night and said wow.

Cue me and my camera.

Cue me and my camera and dead battery. Again.

I have go to get used to putting it on the charger at night.

Alas, it had one shot left in it to capture Sunset Meadows.

Purty, purty.

That's my best cowgirl ala Annie Oakley speak for pretty. (click here for video....embedding was disabled by MGM)

Oo la la. That goes for the sunset and Howard Keel.

Oo la la. That's my best Parisian girl in the country speak for pretty. Not exactly Catherine Deneuve, style Parisian....she'd probably say C'est si bon.

Well, Eartha surely would. (click here if you're reading via email)

Enjoy your Sunday. I hope it's a slow pace kind of day for you.

Ciao for now,

ps- has there ever been a bad photo taken of Catherine Deneuve? The woman is a classic beauty.

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