Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beauty And The Beast

Noses & Roses

Have I told you lately that I love..........Saturday? Gotcha. Didn't I?

I love the slow, don't have to do anything pace that Saturday brings. Well, some of the time.

Today is one of those Saturdays.

The hound is busy doing what he does best. Napping.

Dang I love his nose. In fact sometimes I call him Nose. And Meem (don't ask because I will not be able to give you any reason for this).  And Cotton Ears (that one I can explain...because sometimes he has to stick cotton in his ears to prevent ear drum damage from my bad, no, no....not really........his ears just feel like cotton).

Those of you with pets will confirm (please. pretty please?) that it is completely normal to have at least 50 nicknames for your pals, half of which make no sense at all.

Anyways, like I said, he's busy sleeping. Well, he was. I swear.

Lucan only opened his eyes for a nano second just to try and prove me wrong, then he went back to napping.

On the opposite side of the room, twenty feet away from the

Cue the music......."He still brings me flowers..........evermore".

Yeah, I know those aren't really the words. Just humor me, OK?

Did I tell you that due to the constant noodging and nudging of Ms. Cari-Jane Hakes of Hybrid Handmade fame (sorry Mrs. Mojito, I couldn't resist), I signed up for The Sketchbook Project this week? Yup. It's true.  I signed up. The part about the noodgery isn't exactly true, but kinda sorta.

You see, my pal Cari-Jane has participated in The Sketchbook Project before and blogged about it. Then my other etsy pal, Ashleigh from Bleu Oiseau Photography facebooked that she had signed up as well and was pulling her sketchbook together. Then Cari-Jane blogged that she had yet again signed up for this year's Sketchbook Project. So, you see, there was no way I could not take all of that as I sign that I too should participate. Follow? Sure, it might be a stretch just like any 6 degrees of separation, but my three-degrees-to-sign-up ensured that I did. Sign up that is.

If you haven't heard about The Sketchbook Project it is very cool, or like, oh my god, totally tubular if you were a Valley Girl in the 80s.  People from all over the world participate, it is not juried. It's all inclusive.  Sketchbooks are sent out, people fill them up and send them back, then they (the sketchbooks, not the people) go on tour, and finally return to their new permanent home at The Brooklyn Art Library. Click here for a little video about it, if you're reading by email.

The Sketchbook Project, London 2012 from You and I Films on Vimeo.

I can not wait to get my sketchbook. I've got all sorts of ideas running through my head.

Not that that is anything new.

Last night the neighborhoodlums had an impromptu campfire. Cold? Who cares when there is a campfire involved. I layered up.......tank top, t shirt, flannel shirt, fleece vest, warm sweat shirt jacket, two pairs of gloves, winter boots, Bruins hat, scarf and I was good to go. It was toasty warm by the fire.

What's happening in your corner of the world?

It's cold, but not freezing today. There is snow melting off the roof. However, it is wicked windy. Later, some Italian Chicken Soup from the freezer that I will add some dumplings too. At least that's the plan.

Have a good one.

Ciao for now,


  1. OMG, that Sketchbook project is soooo cool! I'd love to do it but I don't know if I'd have enough to fill it! LOL

    1. not have enough to fill it? are you nuts? hello. you + kids = enough material to fill a sketchbook.

  2. sounds very cool!!! you need to share your sketches before you send it back. Today we're (me) is just cleaning up from Christmas decor, and getting ready for our sons birthday dinner tonight.

    1. I will try my best......once i get that darn skethbook and start doing something with it.

      Happy Birthday Wishes to you son! I hope you guys had a big fat cake with lots of candles!

  3. I love dog noses. I just want to squeeze them! I also like cat noses. They are always so cold.

  4. you're right aylah, they are always cold......why is that?

  5. Take pics of the sketches as you go so we can see!


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