Thursday, December 27, 2012

After Christmas

Enjoying Some Downtime

Hi all. I sure those of you who celebrate Christmas, had a very merry and enjoyable one.  We sure did. We were off to Sister Gloria's house on Christmas Eve and of course, there was a lot of wrapping paper strewn everywhere by the time we were done.  Christmas was enjoyable at home by the fire. We've also been skyping with our overseas family.  It's all good.  Even better, we both have a few days off this holiday season, so we're just kicking back and enjoying a slower pace, so posting may be a little lighter than usual.

There's been a lot of lounging going on, and there is sure to be more....along with going through our gifts again, learning to use my new camera (yay!), looking more closely at the annual photo album my Mom puts together, a little reading and of course, eating all the goodies we got.

I'd say a field walk too, but today is miserable. Unfortunately, we were just across the snow/rain line for this storm and we've been mosting getting freezing rain and sleet with snow mixed in. Wish we were just a bit further West where the snow is dumping right now. Ah least the fire is roaring.

Ciao for now,


  1. Sounds nice and relaxing Pam, your Puppy is so cute :) He looks a lot like my guy just with a brown coat!

  2. Oh happy Christmas and a well earned break to you and yours!!


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