Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday....A Day To Catch Up & Freeform

What I'm Working On

Another day with lots on the plate. Some ad stuff, some bill work and some creating. Right now I'm working on a new illustration, inspired by a few of my friends this week...some recovering from Hurrican Sandy and others facing big moves and new beginnings.

I'm not sure how it will turn out in the end, but this is where I'm at.

The sky is brighter and the air is a little warmer. Sunday is supposed to be grand and I'm looking forward to some time in the yard this weekend.

Today happens to be my Uncle George's birthday. He's one of my favorite Marines.  If I'm not mistaken he served one tour in Korea and two in Vietnam, where he was injured.

Yes, I am wearing a fanny pack in the picture (Dads on the other side of Uncle George....he's Army). Totally dorky, but I do wish someone would make cool ones that were ultra hip because I like the convenience of that old fanny pack(or bum pack to the Irish, so as  not to be so 'offensive' ...wink wink...if you're Irish you' know what I mean).

Happy Birthday Uncle George.

Freeform Friday

In honor of Uncle George's birthday and the Marine Corps' tomorrow, here's something to get you marching. Click here if reading by email.

Have a great day and enjoy the weekend,


  1. you can't see me, but I stood and saluted. I have many military people in my family...and I am proud of them all!

    1. I love it.....we've started a Salute Wave across the states and across the sea! Here's to our Marines today and all our veterans tomorrow!

  2. Doing a bit of saluting here too! I was actually born on a Royal Air Force base here in the UK due to my Dad being in the RAF. My lovely Grandpa was a RAF spitfire pilot in the WW2, oh my word, the stories he used to tell!

    1. It's the Marine Corps bday today followed by Veteran's Day here tomorrow. We were off to Uncle George's surprise 80th Bday at the American Legion last night. I love talking to the older veterans and listening to their stories. I can only imagine the stories a spitfire pilot like your Gramps has to tell. Amazing people.

  3. I have to give you grief for what we call the 'bum bag'. I really do. It's breaking all the are cheating on your inner designer. he he. And I really think I need to hunt down an alternative for you. :P

    Yes, fanny pack brings all kinds of odd images into my head as well.

    Heh, I think its hilarious you are wearing one. It's making my day. And believe me I need a laugh right now, we are up at midnight both hyped up because of the bitch of an evening we have had. It was going well till about 10pm....and then the SIL struck.

    1. OMG, it's absolutely desperate 'fanny pack'. no kidding, that's what they're called here. HA! so anywho, I think I got that horrific, yet utterly useful and convenient thing, when we at universal studios. can't be carrying a purse when going on rides. love your options MUCH better. I'm very glad I can give you a much needed release of laughter. I'm hoping nobody else noticed. again, purely for the convenience......i was the the memorial day parade and services which we walk up to from sister's house and probably had my little camera in there. not sure i'd be able to fit that in a bum sash. though i do love those!!!


    There you go my dear :)

    1. seriously, i thought it was blending quite well, but apparently ol' eagle eye andrea wasn't fooled by the navy and shadows..........


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