Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pin This: Doable Design

Must Pins

Hi gang.  If you haven't jumped on the pinterest bandwagon yet, might I suggest that you do. It's a seriously fun way to find all sorts of things across the web, and organize them as you see fit on your very own 'internet bulletin boards' so to speak. It's hard not to love it. I mean really love it. If you're already on Pinterest, than you know I speak the truth. 

It's also one more way for us to connect with each other and get the most out of this social media thing. Social media is all about connecting after all. Even on this world wide web, it all comes down to people connecting with each other. Funny how that works.

Back to Pinterest.  I have boards with titles like 'craft it' for things I might want to try making, 'food glorious food' for things I want to cook, 'say what?' for quotes that are worth remembering, and today's topic, 'do-able design', among others.  Narrow it down even further. I'm going to share with you some upcycled do-able design I've found via Pinterest.  I am so inspired by the projects people come up with that turns one thing, into something even more fabulous.

It makes me hit my forehed with my hand and proclaim, 'Why didn't I think of that?'

Just check this stuff out. Go ahead, guess what that gorgeous chandelier is made out of? Go on. I'll wait (seconds pass while she taps her foot). Give up? Sunglasses. Just like the lamp next to it. Can you stand it? Talk about fabulous. It catches the light just beautifully.

1. door shelving with light via bulb to blossom ; 2. pallet shelving via domesticdoozie 
(Here's two for ya! check out the price tags)
3. pallet chair 10,000 kr or $1,500 via gen by design 
& 4. scrub brush pencil holder $65!!!! (really? I want to find everyone who has bought that because I have a bridge to sell them) via anthropologie
5. shutter organizer ($2.....more my style) via life as a thrifter
6. pallet sign (love that quote) via blooming homestead
8. drink station (though I would think you could use this for storing things in a fun way too, and even go bigger on the cabinet) via country living
9. lighting with glasses via the optical visionite  

So many awesome ideas...how will I ever find the time to try them all?

Are you on Pinterest? If you are I'd love it if you shared one of your recent pins, and also if you connected with me there. There is a little button with a 'P' in my sidebar (under my profile) that will bring you to my Pinterest page. And, if you like this post or any others on the Muse, you can pin them easily via the little Pinterest button directly under each post.

Have you repurposed anything lately? Was it a hard project or an easy one? I have a stack of shoe boxes behind me that are just itching to reinvented.  Hmmm, what to do....what to do......

Safe Pallets

Since a few of these projects are made from pallets, I want you to know that not all pallets are safe to use as they have been treated with various chemicals. This article I found via Domestic Doozie, gives you some good guidelines to go by. 


There is less than one week to enter the September giveaway for more than $180 in handmade and vintage prizes. Don't miss your chance to win. That would be a bummer.


You know that thrift score I told you about? You know...this one.  Yup, the behemoth of a blanket chest that currently sits in the middle of my kitchen for lack of a better place? Remind me not to turn all the lights out before I head to the bed. It might be big, but it is invisible in the dark. My toe can attest to that fact.

Ciao for now,


  1. oh I love that chest...Pennsylvania Dutch is what first came to my mind. what a great catch. oh, and I started reading this post 20 minutes ago, but I traveled to Pintrest thru your link and got sidetracked. lol

    1. perhaps I forgot to check 'open in new window' when I linked. oy. hate that.

      and by the way, i love the chest too. my toe, not so much. not impressed at all with that chest.

  2. Oh that door is so CUTE!! I am totally going to do that!

    1. you must check out Renee's blog. she's linked above and in my blogroll in the sidebar. so glad i discovered that door...she's got other great 'redo's' you're going to love Ms. Crafty Thang.

  3. YOu are right, it gives such tremendous inspiration from every visit I take...love the shutters holding the notes and messages...lots to like over here!

    1. Amy, be sure to have a look around bulb to blossom (door project above and link too), renee has some other AS Chalk Paint projects I think you'll like.

      Enjoy the day my friend.....even if we've got a gray one!....hmmmm, think of it as Paris Gray.

  4. Replies
    1. thanks for stopping by Marie and thanks for such a super pallet idea


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