Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Etsy Finds: According To The Weather

Concrete Votive Holder, Pedestal Candle Holder, Air Plant or Succulent Planter, Concrete Planter, Concrete Decor

Weather or Not

We have nothing to complain about here. The weather this Summer has been nothing short of spectacular. June...gorgeous. July....hotter the hades and humid to match.  August.....lovely summer days.  September.....the trend continues. However, today there is a storm on its way. The wind is picking up, the skies have turned gray and that's where today's etsy finds lead me.

1. rain over the sea via kenny bayne fine
2. storm recycled silver necklace (which is on my wish list....did you read that Gar?) via Hybrid Handmade
3. clear plastic umbrella via coyote marmalade
4. knit jacket coat via the knit kid
5. twisted twine via Follow Studio’s White Elephant Stall
6. Classic Louis Chair, Italian Style via past collections
7. my 3 feathers illustration art print by via bates mercantile co.
8. votive/succulent pedestal by Lia Artisan Concrete Designs via Bates Mercantile Co.https://www.etsy.com/listing/106359493/concrete-votive-holder-pedestal-candle
9. turks head sailors rope bracelet via The Jetty
What's the weather like in your corner of the world today?

Serious Loot

I can't say enough about Mercantile Muse's giveaway sponsors. These independent shop owners and creatives are really 'all that' and more.  This month's giveaway is enough to stop traffic. If it was advertised on a billboard it would be a given. Since it's not, I'm here to toot the horn. It's a must-enter. It's that good. $180+ in handmade and vintage. What's not to love? You could be the winner of all this: 

Here's the winnings in black and white:
One pillow/cushion cover from DreamPillowZzz,
a bookpage print from Papyrusaurus,
tangerine tango wood ring from Starlight Woods,
cookbook from StorytellersVintage,
a pyramid paperweight from Lia Artisan Concrete Designs,
a lovely wristlet clutch from Hazel Brown Designs,
a bookpage flower ring and hair clips from Hayley's Paper Love,
a pair of custom ladybug pillows from fAveritte Creations,
a vintage handpainted bone china Nippon plate from our shop-
your choice of print from Bates Mercantile Co.,
and a photographic art print from Bleu Oiseau Photography

So if you still haven't thrown your name in the hat, what the heck are you waiting for? Go forth and enter.

Hope you're having a smashing day. Mine is full of playing catch up after. The cost of enjoying some downtime with our visitors. Well worth the cost.

Ciao for now,


  1. Love this weather-themed collection! Thanks so much for including my umbrella!

    1. more than welcome Emily....love both of your shops!

  2. well, I am most honored to be part of the storm (and to be part of your 'wish list')

    1. that necklace has been in my favorites since i first saw it. of course, there's so many things in your shop on my wish list madame.

  3. Such a beautiful collection! Thank you so much for including our rope bracelet in this stormy day. We're right at home! :)

    1. Hi Sarah, more than welcome. Batten down the hatches....the wind and rain are coming our way!

  4. i love #1 and #4 of the finds! i came across your pin on pinterest of them -- have hardly had time to read blogs lately :(

    it's been beautiful here too, though i got a little too eager & chose to walk home from work which ended up taking in hour and causing a lot of sweat and hurt feet! i'm not great with estimating travel times sometimes haha.

    1. Hi Angela....isn't that painting lovely? and kenny's pieces are quite reasonable- at least I think they are for an original artwork. and couldn't you just cozy up in the sweater during a storm?

      I know the feeling about time. Hoping to do some catching up.

      too funny about the estimating travel times. but i bet it was nice regardless. we went for a walk in the field tonight, before the storm rolls in. it was actually quite humid.

  5. Replies
    1. such generous sponsors, right? i'm not kidding when I say it. They rock Debbi!

    2. ps- did you see the picture yesterday of some of the kiddos in my life having at the chalkboard wall? they had a ton of fun. only thought was, hopefully they don't think they can do this to any wall. i could be in trouble with their parents. still, o would have a ball.

  6. That chair is so pretty:) P.S. I REALLY LOVE this giveaway!

  7. Can't say the same about the weather here. Basically, it's been raining from June - August and much of the same now only colder!!
    Your feather illustration is beautiful!
    Those are some fabulous items in the giveaway! Gotta check it out now!
    have a lovely day,


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